Sunday Funday: Halloween Scare Edition!

House in Riverside, California

Here it is: Trump gets elected in a few days and we have the return of Bush administration flunkies. They will start more wars, cause more inflation, make cuts to Social Security and Medicare, refuse to enforce regulations on banks and Wall Street that will lead us back into an economy on the precipice. This should keep you up at night!

You know how to stop it. Get Out and Vote!!!

Were you paying attention last week?

1) Hillary Clinton had some help doing the heavy lifting in New Hampshire last week from what New England senator?

2) Target has pulled what common Halloween mask from its store shelves due to recent incidents around the country?

3) A boy named Sue: In his address at Gettysburg, Pa. last week Donald Trump threatened to sue what group of people right after the election?

4) What long term GOP congressman is advertising using pictures of himself with Obama as his re-election chances sink?

5) Governor Branstad said he is willing to talk about minimum wage after election. How do the states that border Iowa compare to Iowa’s minimum wage?

6) In what country did the jack-o-lantern originate?

7) Last Wednesday was what President’s birthday?

8) October 26th, 1881- The “most famous 30 seconds in history” takes place in Tombstone, Arizona. What is the name of that incident?

9) “I forgot that your parents came all the way from Thailand to serve George Washington.” Senator Mark Kirk made this disparaging remark to what opponent of his?

10) Halloween is one sweet day. Annual sales of Halloween candy in the US is about how many dollars?

11) What Trump surrogate told Megan Kelly that she was “fascinated with sex” during an interview on Fox News?

12) Robert Velline, aka Bobby Vee, died last week ion Minnesota. Who suggested that Velline change his name to Bobby Vee back in the late 50s?

13) Corporate News is trumpeting the increase in rates for what program?

14) He helped start the SDS, was a member of the Chicago7 and fought hard to get the US out of Vietnam. What radical icon died last week at 76?

15) What group is threatening to sue the DCCC over ads that link them to Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump?

16) A man dressed as a construction worker destroyed whose star on the Hollywood walk of fame with a pneumatic drill?

17) What brewery has seen a precipitous drop in sales after its owner endorsed Donald Trump?

18) October 31st is the last day in what ancient calendar? (hint: what ancient society began celebrating Halloween)

19) Protestors in North Dakota have been arrested on private land. Meanwhile in Oregon, protestors who took over public land were found (guilty / not guilty) by a jury Wednesday?

20) What surprising group of people have not contributed to the Trump campaign?

Something’s wrong kids – the trees used to be bare by now. Some have barely turned color this year so far.


1) Elizabeth Warren

2) Clown masks – there have been many incidents around the country of people dressed in clown outfits attacking people.

3) Women who accused him of groping them

4) Darrel Issa in San Diego. Obama has called Issa out on this

5) All have higher minimum wages than Iowa

6) Ireland

7) the next president, Hillary Clinton!

8) ‘The gunfight at the OK corral’

9) Tammy Duckworth. Duckworth has ancestry that fought in the Revolutionary War. Her mother is from Thailand

10) $2 billion

11) Newt Gingrich.

12) Bob Zimmerman who later changed his name to Bob Dylan

13) the ACA. While rates went up, so did subsidies.

14) Tom Hayden

15) Republican congressional candidates

16) Donald Trump

17) Yeungling’s in Pennsylvania. the owner Richard Yeungling told Eric Trump they were behind his dad and word leaked out.

18) the Celtic calendar.

19) not guilty

20) his children. Not a penny. Guess they don’t want to throw their money away?

Interesting that Halloween is a major end of calendar year celebration much like Christmas (derived from the Saturnalia) is


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