Impeaching Clinton: One Reason To Vote For Democrats

Republicans have made little secret that they plan to impeach Hillary Clinton almost as soon as she removes her hand from the bible to shake the hand of Chief Justice Roberts. That is if they control one or both houses of congress.

If you think that Republicans treated Barack Obama badly (and they certainly did) just wait until you see how they plan to treat Hillary Clinton. In case you haven’t noticed they have been warming up and rehearsing for about 25 years.

Honestly, I believe that if most ordinary people, male or female, woke up daily to the vile hate, character assassinations, bullying and misogyny that Hillary Clinton has for the past quarter century they would somehow run away and hide out. Yet Hillary Clinton has shown incredible strength, fortitude, resolve and grace throughout these years.

Despite the effort and money expended to stop Hillary Clinton for 25+ years she has shown the world over and over just what an indomitable spirit is like. They hated, she became first lady. They hated and lied as she and her husband worked through family issues in public. They hated lied and distorted and she became a top senator from the state of New York.

They hated, lied, distorted and attacked. She may have lost the Democratic nomination but agreed to help her rival as his Secretary of State, They hated, lied, distorted, attacked and investigated as Hillary became one of the most successful Secretaries of State ever and a grandmother.

They continued to hate, lie, distort, attack and investigate to the tune of thousands of wasted congressional hours and millions of wasted taxpayer dollars and they found nothing as Hillary became the Democratic nominee for president.

Now some 25+ years into their hate fueled waste of time, energy and taxpayer dollars Hillary Clinton stands at the precipice of achieving the nearly unbelievable task of becoming America’s first woman to be President of the United States. Women in cradles and women nearing the grave will celebrate an achievement few ever thought they would see – a women president.

Yet those who have spent their lives harassing, hating and stalking Hillary Clinton will not give up. Maybe they couldn’t stop her on the way up, but now that she has achieved the very pinnacle of success their mission will be to make her the first victim of impeachment ever. After years of failure all their hate will be paid off by getting their prey at the height of her glory.

Don’t be at all surprised to hear stories of Republican lawyers meeting clandestinely to draw up articles of impeachment even before the election has taken place. This is a dream that won’t die but won’t happen if they procrastinate. So even as voters wait in lines to vote, plans are being set up to bring the new Clinton Administration to an abrupt end.

Why should this surprise anyone. Do you not remember that even as Barack Obama took the oath of office in an inauguration attended by the largest crowd ever Republicans were meeting over dinner to plot their strategy to make Obama a one term president through obstruction beyond anything that had ever been done before.

One of the best ways to prevent Republicans from bringing government to a halt for yet another presidential administration is to simply not vote for Republicans in the first place. Republicans will not need a majority to obstruct congress and the administration. We saw that in 2009. But their goals become much more difficult when they are in the minority. And their insane dream of impeaching Clinton at the outset will at least be delayed.

Be sure to get your friends to vote and vote for Democrats from the White House to the State House to the court house.

As the week ends it slowly comes out that Republicans will only fill judicial openings if there is a Republican president making the nominations. Senators Cruz and McCain have both stated this. While Senator Grassley denies that he will continue obstructing the constitution, we have only his previous actions to go by. Those actions include his leadership of the current obstruction going on now. Surely more will jump on board after the election thus creating a true constitutional crisis.

Republicans do not want to govern. They do not want to work with the people to come to good, practical solutions to human problems. Republicans want to rule based on some form of a distorted moral code which lines up with no moral code found in any ethics systems anywhere. Input from the ruled is not part of the program.

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