Guns Don’t Shoot People, People Shoot People

They just use guns to do the shooting with.

So the Iowa House says let’s give guns to kids.

Last Sunday morning we awoke to news of yet another mass murder in the United States. Kalamazoo, Michigan 6 killed many injured.

Wednesday morning we awoke to news that the Iowa House had overwhelmingly passed five pro gun measures including one that allows children access to guns. They did not pass any laws to make guns safer, such as biometrics recognition access before shooting a gun. They did pass a law to allow silencers on guns. That way the neighbors won’t get scared by the noise of other neighbors being shot. These will be especially handy in theaters.

Thursday evening we got news of yet another mass murder in Kansas. At least four were killed and up to 30 injured.

Anyone else see a connection? Mass murders in the US are now so common they barely rate a mention in the news. This year is less than 60 days old and there have already been 33 mass murders in the US as I write this. Not only is there the needless and horrible end to some lives, there are also the wrecked bodies of those who survived but are damaged for life. Even if a person were only grazed the psychological fear that they will carry for the rest of their lives will be massive.

And for each victim, dead or alive, there is huge network of family, friends, business associates, neighbors and acquaintances whose life will be deeply altered. Dad is no longer in the house and his income and love can’t be replaced; Mom is dead and there are young children at home; we can go on for hours on how each of the victim’s tragedy will affect so many others.

I doubt there is a person in this state whose life has not been touched in some way by gun violence, be it a relative, a neighbor, a classmate, a friend or acquaintance.

But there is money to be made. Representative Matt Windschitl, one of the major pushers for more lax gun laws, sells guns and these laws may pump business up a bit.

Thank goodness we still have some sane legislators.

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