Sunday Funday: And The Winner Is Edition

can you beat this guy?

can you beat this guy?

In the tiff between the Pope and Donald Trump:

Just a reminder how this little tiff went down: The Pope during his visit to Mexico mentions in a speech that that it would be immoral and unchristian to build a wall between Mexico and the United States. For some reason leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump takes umbrage at this statement. Trump then makes a statement of his own. He lets it be known that if ISIS attacks the Vatican when he is president he may not be in any hurry to send help to the Vatican. Trump claims that attacking the Vatican is high on ISIS’ to do list. Besides, says Trump, doesn’t the Vatican have a wall around it.

Now for the comment that really sums this tiff up from John Fugelsang (as heard on the Thom Hartmann Show) “Thus we have his Holiness versus his assholiness.” Hard to beat Fugelsang or Andy Borowitz for some classic snark.

Were you paying attention last week?

1) The major controversy around tonight’s Oscars are the lack of nominations for who?

2) As the first 2 months of the year come to a close the US has had how many mass murders already?

3) Visiting in Mexico, Pope Francis said what was ok to use since the zika virus can cause such horrible problems?

4) The Confederate battle emblem will remain a part of what state’s flag, since their legislature failed to act in time to have it removed last week?

5) The mass murderer in Kalamazoo, Michigan was working at what job while committing the murders?

6) March 4, 1933 was the last time what major ceremony took place on March 4th?

7) At a basketball game between Perry and Dallas Center Grimes what word did the DCG students use as a racial slur against Perry players?

8) What Iowa Republican icon congressman has been threatened with a possible primary opponent this year?

9) President Obama once more announced his intent to close what last week?

10) Looking for a job with lots of travel, maybe? More than 18,000 applied for what training last year smashing all previous records?

11) Ted Cruz’s communication direct had to resign last week after he admitted he doctored a video to make it seem that Marco Rubio said what?

12) The legal battle heated up between Apple and the FBI concerning Apple’s refusal to do what?

13) The White House stunned some folks when it was leaked that who was under consideration to replace Antonin Scalia on the SCOTUS?

14) The Catholic archbishop of St. Louis reminded folks not to buy what as the organization that sells them supports LGBTQ rights?

15) The Senate Judiciary Committee officially announced it would not do what last week?

16) British Prime Minister David Cameron announced Britain would vote on June 23rd on what issue?

17) $130 million was blown in the failed attempt to make who president during the past year?

18) What two Republican senators placed a hold on a bill for aid for Flint, Michigan to help in their water crisis.

19) What MSNBC host walked off her show following multiple disputes with MSNBC brass over policy during the presidential campaign?

20) Donald Trump picked endorsements from what two eastern governors last week?

Last week was a busy week for the old quizmaster. Getting hard to keep up anymore.


1) minority actors.

2) 33 as this is written but may be higher by the time it is posted.

3) contraception

4) Mississippi. It is the only one in the US left like that.

5) Driving for Uber

6) Presidential inauguration

7) “Trump” It was a slur because Perry HS is 48% minority, mostly Latino and Trump has made deporting Latinos from the US an issue this year.

8) Steve King

9) Guantanamo prison

10) astronaut training. Just people looking for free ride on the government

11) that Rubio didn’t really like the bible much. Rubio had actually said “all there answers were in the bible.”

12) unlock the encryption of the San Bernardino mass murderer.

13) Nevada Republican Governor Brian Sandoval

14) Girl Scouts

15) hold any hearings for a nominee to replace Scalia on SCOTUS

16) Britain leaving the EU (aka Brexit)

17) Jeb!

18) Ted Cruz (Texas) and Mike Lee (Utah)

19) Melissa Harris Perry. Here is a link to an email she sent her staff

20) Chris Christie (NJ) and Paul LePage (Maine). These were the first “establishment” endorsements for Trump.

We will now be entering March, the end of sane time and the High Holy Days of basketball.

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