Sunday Funday: The High Holy Days

Ready for the Easter Parade

Ready for the Easter Parade

The high holy days of basketball come to an end this week with college champions being crowned for the men on Monday and for the women on Tuesday. I think there are some other religious holidays this week also.

Lots happened last week. Were you paying attention?

1) Most parties to the Iranian framework agreement were excited. What potential player(s) seemed intent on scuttling any agreement?

2) Nothing like name recognition when you’re in politics. What governor and potential presidential candidate’s name was repeated over and over in conjunction with a RFRA bill he signed?

3) After being maligned throughout the season, which men’s college basketball conference put 2 teams in the final four?

4) Michigan’s football team seems to have picked up a transfer in what former Iowa quarterback?

5) When is Passover this year?

6) The Fair can go on! What date did the Iowa legislature agree to for the earliest beginning date for schools in Iowa?

7) Next Thursday, April 9th, will be the 150th anniversary of what?

8) Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson was already to sign a RFRA bill similar to Indiana’s until what 800 pound corporate gorilla in Arkansas suggested that he not do so?

9) The American Pharmacists Association recommended that its members no longer supply what to states?

10) The Iowa senate continues to struggle with the gun bill. However, shootings should be quieter as most agree that the sales of what should no longer be banned?

11) March goes down as one of the driest months in Iowa’s history. Thus, what became a serious threat throughout the state this week as winds whipped across the state?

12) George Pataki says bet that he will run for president in 2016. What is George Pataki’s claim to fame?

13) He is not going to visit his birthplace, but President Obama will visit Kenya this summer. Why?

14) One of my favorite named politicians, Goodluck Jonathan, lost in his bid for re-election as president of what country?

15) Pediatricians recommended using what to help avoid overdoses of prescribed drugs by children?

16) The world’s formerly oldest living person died in Osaka, Japan this week. How old was she when she died?

17) Next Thursday, April 9th, the opening prayer in the Iowa House will be offered by what unusual clergy person?

18) Out of sight, out of mind rather quickly. What two food processing giants announced a merger about 10 days ago?

19) Comedy Central announced what relatively unknown comedian as its replacement for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show?

20) Militant group Al-Shabab killed 147 non-Muslims in an attack at a university in what African country?

BONUS) What native Iowan, known mostly for TV evangelical work and the “Crystal Cathedral” died in Los Angeles this week?

McDonald’s got tons of free and mostly favorable publicity this week for announcing a $1/hour pay raise for it’s employees. But the whole story is that this applies only to company owned stores and will have no effect on most of the employees who wear the “McDonald’s” apparel when working. Most employees work for franchises and thus will get no raise. Misdirection by the news media?


1) the Republican Party

2) Mike Pence of Indiana

3) the Big Ten(14) with Wisconsin and Michigan State

4) Jake Ruddock seems to be moving to Ann Arbor and will be eligible to play immediately

5) Right now!. Started at sundown last Friday and ends next Saturday

6) August 23rd (that is a Sunday and the last fair date in 2015)

7) Lee’s surrender to Grant at Appomatox Courthouse to end our civil war

8) Walmart

9) drugs for state executions

10) silencers

11) grass fires

12) former three term governor of New York

13) He will attend a conference on economic development in Africa

14) Nigeria

15) the metric system – seems parents often confuse teaspoons and tablespoons etc.

16) 117

17) a Wiccan priestess

18) Kraft and Heinz

19) Trevor Noah

20) Kenya

BONUS) Robert Schuller

Happy Easter all

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