Sunday Funday It’s December Already? Edition

just not sure

just not sure

If you are looking to make good on your 2013 resolutions, this may be a good time to get started. Or you can decide as we do nearly every year and float through December with firm resolve to do better next year. No doubt we will be writing something similar next year with even more resolve.

Time to put the mower away and get out the {shudder} snow blower. With any luck it will sit in the garage and die of loneliness. While it sits, let us play another round of ‘What the Heck Happened Last Week?’

1) What right wing documentary producer started a storm of protests when he made a racist tweet concerning Barack Obama?

2) Thirty-three months into his term Gov. Branstad claims 160,000 Iowa jobs created. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says he is a bit off. What does the BLS have for a number of jobs in Iowa for that period?

3) This past year Iowa slipped to what number out of 50 in job creation?

4) Tony Rohr stood up to his company and said that as store manager, he would not open his store on Thanksgiving. He was fired and then re-hired by what company?

5) How many Walmart stores across the country were targets of one day actions by employees for better wages and benefits?

6) Walmart strikers in Brooklyn Center, Minn. had an unexpected but most welcome guest Monday. Who showed up to lend his support?

7) Iowa officials fear a flesh eating homemade narcotic may be creeping into Iowa. Do you know what the name of this incredibly dangerous drug is?

8) If Iowans keep their wits about them the highway death toll may be under 300 for the year. This would be the lowest total in how many years?

9) The Friday after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday, the following Monday is Cyber Monday. What shopping term is given to the Saturday after Black Friday?

10) President Barack Obama spared the lives of a couple of real turkeys this week. What were the names of these tough birds that got a presidential pardon?

11) The Oxford English Dictionary declared what was the word of the year for 2013?

12) Among others, the school superintendent in what city was indicted for obstruction in the rapes of two girls by football players?

13) The US and Afghanistan have negotiated a treaty that would keep US troops in Afghanistan until what year?

14) Which Israeli leader raged against the tentative Iranian nuclear treaty?

15) Iowa is studying a proposal to sell lottery tickets at what locations like other states do?

BONUS!) Who will be coaching Nebraska U. football next year?

Well, all in all it was a quiet week. Bet it won’t be like that for long.

Here are some answers – I hope they match the questions

1) Dinesh D’Souza

2) 48,200

3) 46th ahead of New Mexico, Kentucky, Alabama and Alaska. Thank you Terry.

4) Pizza Hut

5) around 1500

6) Congressman Keith Ellison

7) krocodil (not sure of spelling)

8) 70 – lowest number since 1943

9) Small Business Saturday – shop local businesses

10) Popcorn and Caramel

11) selfie

12) Steubenville, Ohio

13) 2024 (what the heck – bet there’s a pipeline there)

14) Prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu

15) ATMs and Gas Pumps (fleece the sheep is the name of the bill, I think

BONUS!) bet his initials won’t be BP

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