Farm Bill Fail

Steve KingA must read article by The Storm Lake Times. Below is an excerpt about the consequences of the failure to pass a farm bill.  Click on the link to read the entire article including the publisher’s experience with the new health care law.

Just a reminder that the farm bill expired on Sept. 30. It’s anybody’s guess when or if a new five-year farm bill will be passed. Let’s think about what happens if the US House of Representatives gets its way and we are left with no farm bill:

• No crop insurance for farmers suffering from drought.

• No nutrition assistance for the poor, sick and elderly.

• No loans for rural water projects, starter homes in Lakeside or grants to community child care centers.

• No target prices for corn or soybeans.

• No loans or programs to open up foreign markets to US products like corn, soy, turkey and pork.

• No USDA meat inspectors, grain reports or yield estimates.

• No Extension Service offering state university research to the people.

• No funding for conservation projects that promote waterfowl production.

Those are just the things that will be immediately felt in Buena Vista County. Government is something people love to hate until the corn won’t grow and your old farm well gives out and you need clean drinking water. They hate the DNR until the agency establishes a new hunting area using federal funds.

Oh, they say, we’ll get a farm bill passed. Well, we have not. And there is no sign that we will.

And even if we do, the House wants so much funding cut ($40 billion from food stamps, not to mention conservation funding) that we must wonder what programs we listed above will remain relevant. We are attacking a program that makes agriculture and food delivery safer and more efficient, strengthening consumers and producers alike. We cannot take for granted that the farm bill’s work will endure when it appears to be about half in the grave.

(click here to read the entire article)

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