ALEC: The Republican 50 State Strategy

Remember a few years back when Howard Dean was chair of the Democratic Party? Remember how he had this great idea called the 50 state strategy where Democrats organized and competed in all 50 states? Remember that it worked pretty well and we had success in unexpected places?

A Legislator for Every Corp.

A Legislator for Every Corp.

Well another group has a 50 state strategy, but they don’t want you to know about it. ALEC has a 50 state strategy. Their 50 state strategy is to own the legislatures of as many of the states as they can and pass legislation that will fatten their corporate members with taxpayer dollars. They have been incredibly successful throughout the country passing bills that slowly turn education over to private businesses, privatize prisons, privatize everything from libraries to cemeteries. Across the country states have fallen all over themselves to lower taxes for businesses, pushing the burdens back on property taxes or sales taxes.

Bill Moyers had a great show on this a while back. It has been updated with new and scary information. Take an hour and watch here

Students: The Cost Of Borrowing To Rise.
Starting tomorrow the cost of borrowing money to go to college will double, causing a huge rise in payments for your college loans. This is a product of the Republican Party. They are also the ones who have crippled the economy such that the chances of getting that “good” job at graduation are much less than they were a decade and a half ago. Blame it on the Republicans and mean it. Not only have they royally screwed things up, but they get in the way and obstruct any hope we have of sensible legislation to end our current economic doldrums.

If you weren’t aware, students are one of the many groups that the Republican party hates. Students join women, Hispanics, blacks, the poor, the middle class, organized labor and many more specific groups that deserve their wrath. If you are not male, rich, protestant and white, Republicans have no time for you. The very least you can do is to thank them with a vote for those who truly wish to address problems. Then we can find once again that government can work for Americans, not just the rich.

Branstad Urging Pension Cuts?
Imagine working all your life then just before retirement the state’s leading politician decides it is time to cut pensions. That may be reality for Iowans as Terry Branstad has decided that it is time to look at the Iowa public pension funding. He is not the first governor to do so. After whipping up public sentiment against public workers, governors such as Walker in Wisconsin and Kasich in Ohio have gone after their state public workers with a meat cleaver. Branstad is a member of ALEC, one of the founders in fact. I would guess he will be looking at a solution that will turn money over to some private enterprise that will drain it with fees, leaving little for retirees.

“Pro-Life” Gun Legislation
I reprint this from the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch. Seems like a great idea to me:

“Outspoken state Reps. Robert F. Hagan and Mike Foley have introduced what they call “pro-life” legislation about gun sales. House Bill 222, sponsored by Democrats Hagan (Youngstown) and Foley (Cleveland) would require gun-sellers to brief customers about the “lethal capabilities of firearms” before the sale. They will discuss the legislation at a Statehouse press conference at 10 a.m. Wednesday.

Hagan said an ultra-sound would not be required.

Hagan and Foley are striking a contrast with Republican legislation that would require physicians who perform abortions to do an ultrasound and describe in detail to the patient how the fetus could feel pain and that an abortion could increase a woman’s chance of developing breast cancer.”

Gillard Out In Australia 
Julia Gillard has been pushed out of the leadership of her party and thus as Prime Minister of Australia. Gillard lost in a party leadership fight. Kevin Rudd, also a former PM, will replace Gillard.

I bring this up because Gillard was one of the few females ever in charge of a major government. Her administration was fairly successful. Along with her being the head of government, Gillard was noted for her lifestyle which was a bit out of the mainstream. She is an atheist, unmarried and lives openly with her boyfriend.

Last Telegram Sent.
India is the last country with regular telegram service. Next month on July 14th, the last telegram will be sent. This will bring to and end what was once a huge leap forward in technology that allowed communications to go across country and eventually, the world where once they could only go as fast as the next semaphore station. Of course now, communication can cover the world in seconds.


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