Sunday Funday – I Feel Supreme Quiz.

just not sure

just not sure

Well, boy oh boy, the Supremes added some punch to what is usually a quiet week in the summer. That Tony Scalia – what a card! One day he sees things in the constitution like corporate personhood and the next he can’t see a right to vote. I tell ya, old Tony is a real card. Now you see stuff, now you don’t.

Were you paying attention last week?

1) Anthony Kennedy has become what there is of a swing vote on what is often a 5 -4 court. But Kennedy was not the first choice for the seat he fills. Who was the first choice for that seat?

2) How many states currently do not allow marriage equality?

3) Wendy Davis got a huge national following as she filibustered the proposed Texas anti-women’s health bill. There is now talk of running her for governor in 2014. Who was the last Democrat elected to a statewide office in Texas?

4) After all was said and done, the Texas bill did not pass. Do you know why?

5) Governor Perry is not to be denied. He will waste taxpayer money once more to pass this anti-women’s health law by calling a special session. When will that session begin?

6) Where in the world is Eric Snowden?

7) Following the passage of an immigration bill by the US senate Thursday, it looks like a new version of the Berlin Wall will be built where?

8) George Zimmerman is on trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin in Florida. Zimmerman is an old German name meaning what?

9) What woman continues to see her business empire crumble like a dried out cake due to her admitted use of racial slurs?

10) Whoeeeee – it’s hot out thar in Death Valley. They are expecting temps near 130 degrees this weekend. What is the record for the highest recorded temperature on earth?

11) Terry Branstad signed a bill which gives him the power to do what?

12) July 5th, 1963 was a big day for Iowans, especially those like my father who enjoyed an occasional(?) drink. What became legal in Iowa on July 5th, 1963?

13) Almost forgot that there was an election in Massachusetts Tuesday to replace John Kerry. Who won and who lost?

14) In terms of time served, who is the most senior justice on the Supreme Court today?

15) All 5 ‘conservative’ justices on the current Supreme Court share part of the same religious affiliation. What is that?

Guy down the street is building something he calls an ‘ark.’ Looks like a big boat to me. He asked if my cats were neutered. I told him they were but thought that was a strange question. He said that he has heard it will be quite the wet year around here. So far, I can’t argue.

Answers? Answers!

1) Robert Bork.

2) When California officially becomes a marriage equality state it will leave 37 to go.

3) Ann Richards in 1990 as governor

4) The time for the special session was up at midnight. Due to delay tactics the vote came at 12:03

5) July 1.

6) Best guess is the airport in Moscow.

7) Along the Mexico border with the US.

8) Carpenter

9) Paula Deen

10) 134 at Death Valley July 10, 1913

11) Decide whether a Medicaid patient can have an abortion.

12) Liquor by the drink. Ironically, pushed through by Harold Hughes who almost committed suicide because of drink.

13) Ed Markey beat Gabriel Gomez.

14) Antonin Scalia at age 77 he will have served 27 years come the first Monday in October.

15) Catholicism.

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