Komen Hits Home With Us

Like so many folks, my wife and I married and raised a family. We have two lovely daughters. They are full adults now, but at one time they were teens. Like so many fathers of teen-age girls, I worried about sex in high school and the consequences.

So we took the approach that like any other subject, sex was part of life and as such should be open to discussion. And as with many other things, I believe in preventative maintenance is most often cheaper than fixing something that is broken. Thus when the girls reached 14 we had them start on birth control pills. My wife and I were teenagers once and my memory is very good.

Neither of our kids was bothered by it. As a matter of fact it seemed to make them more responsible, because they knew they were in charge. The trust that we had was incredible.

When they went off to college and were on their own each became acquainted with the services at Planned Parenthood. We would talk about it. They would tell us that this place was great – no shame, no humiliation etc. Which is as it should be. Sexuality is simply a part of life.

As our oldest moved on to different places she became involved with the Susan G. Komen Fund at a low level. She ran in the races and even organized groups to run. She and her husband believed in the Komen Fund. I tend to have a quite skeptical eye on charities like this, but there was no way I could say anything that would dampen their enthusiasm.

We talk every Sunday via Skype. I know that she will be quite down about the sudden move by Komen this week to pull funds from Planned Parenthood in a blatantly politically driven move. But she is a very practical – and might I add a very liberal – person. Surely this will be chalked up as yet another lesson in life under the heading of, be wary of who you trust. This is probably the one area where I can agree with Ronald Reagan when he said “Trust, but verify.’

BTW, Komen has not reversed their decision on Planned Parenthood, but merely taken a step back from the edge. Make no doubt that with their current board make up pulling funds from Planned Parenthood is still in their sights, they just need a better cover.

We have given a small amount to Planned Parenthood before, but we will now be making regular donations. This whole incident opened my eyes.

A Comment on Mitt Romney.

Of all the idiot things that Romney has done to make himself look like a fool on the campaign trail there is one thing that galls me more than anything. Not the comments about poor people, not the out-of-touch remarks like “I am unemployed also.” Even the fact that he is a war hawk who never served and kept his kids out of the service.

None of those really gets my gall. What gets me is that he and his family doesn’t have enough confidence, enough love for his country, enough concern to stash all his money in the US. I know the reason he does this is to avoid taxes. Which makes it doubly bad. Not only has his class waged wars for decades to get his taxes lowered to an extremely low amount, but then he feels that he is so over taxed even at that that he has to hide his money. Tells me that his love for his country is quite conditional.

If he gets elected, we will need to find out what currency he would like his paycheck in – Euros? Swiss Francs? British Pounds? Or maybe US dollars? Of course considering that he has sent so many American jobs overseas his conditional love of America shouldn’t be a surprise.

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