Loebsack, Braley, Grassley Oppose SOPA, PIPA

SOPA and PIPA are dead for now but there has been some activity from a site called buythevote that seems to have little interest in updating info.  They erroneously claim that certain congressmen in the Iowa delegation have not stated public positions on these bills.  NOT TRUE.

Area lawmakers oppose Internet piracy bills

Ed Tibbets reporting about eastern Iowa reps. and senators in the QC Times 1/20/12:

Sen. Chuck Grassley [after co-sponsoring PIPA in the Senate], along with Reps. Bruce Braley…and Dave Loebsack, all said  they’re opposed to the bills known by their acronyms, SOPA and PIPA.

Senator Harkin’s office  said he wanted to take time to review it.

Read the article here: qctimes.com/news/local/area-lawmakers-oppose-internet-piracy-bills/article

Boswell:  Opposed – “I do not believe SOPA strikes the appropriate balance”  Bleedingheartland

King’s position is unknown according to propublica.org  but I have seen other postings indicating he is opposed.

Latham: Opposed according to propublica.org/




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