Grassley Swings At Journalists And Hits Himself

another sour note from the old crooner hat tip to dailykos

another sour note from the old crooner
hat tip to dailykos

Chuck Grassley once seemed to have a golden political touch but these days all he touches turns to lead. When he tries to show how hip he is by using the twitter machine, it often turns around to bite him in the butt. Maybe he would be better expressing his thoughts in a full text on Facebook or some other such platform.

Monday Grassley took to twitter to spank journalists. Journalists have been the target of the Republican party for decades. Who can forget Spiro Agnew’s infamous line “nattering nabobs of negativism” as the Nixon administration waged a public battle with journalists.

When a Republican politician’s fortune starts to fade it seems the first line of offense is to blame the reporters. This has always been an iffy strategy at best but in this day and age when so much of what is reported is also accompanied by a visual recording, attacking the messenger can lead to some real embarrassments.

Not sure what triggered Grassley’s tweet Monday morning. Perhaps Grassley is not enjoying life in the hot seat for the first time in his career. Since deciding to be the point person in defying the constitution, Grassley’s statements are no longer treated as statements from a being from above. More and more the Iowa press is treating him as if he is human.

The descent from the throne must be hard. Grassley still doesn’t quite seem to understand that his little outbursts of temper are no longer going to get all praise but are now going to be scrutinized. So when he tweeted this little outburst Monday morning Grassley was probably surprised that he stirred up a bit of a hornet’s nest.

ChuckGrassley ✔@ChuckGrassley
Do u think 2day’s journalists r too elite for ‘ordinary Americans’?

10:02 AM – 11 Jul 2016

Grassley appears to be trying to rile up some backlash against those nasty reporters who have dared question him, especially about his stand on defying the constitution. He seems to be trying to appear as the folksy ordinary man against some group of snobs. He should have realized that 1) most journalists can read and 2) many of them monitor twitter since breaking stories of get first mention on twitter 3) journalism for most reporters is not an avenue to wealth.

So the group of people who write for a living wrote responses.

Many noted in a variety of ways that most journalists are not wealthy. Some noted that by Iowa standards Grassley is very well off.

Evan Lobell @e_lobell
@mattdpearce Chuck Grassley’s net worth is estimated to be about $3.76 million. What are “2day’s journalists” worth?

A tweet such as this one from Grassley will do little to tarnish journalists, but sure will be used to highlight just who is out of touch with ordinary Americans. For a senator from the party that bows to the wishes of the wealthy and the corporations turning on this light will surely have it shined back on him. Grassley continues with his very unpopular stand defying the constitution. Grassley also continues to refuse to answer sincere questions about this stand. Grassley also supports the TPP which is becoming more and more unpopular especially among ordinary Iowans who may once more see their jobs shipped overseas.

It is hard to claim to understand ordinary Americans when you have a very high paid job, get lots of time off and yet you refuse to do it and you constantly support those who cut workers pay or send your jobs overseas.

In short, by trying to punch journalists with his ‘out of touch’ charge, Grassley is seeing it rebound to hit him. Stumbley-bumbley.

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