#AskBobby: An Internet Adventure In Hilarity

Jindal is probably in there someplace

Jindal is probably in there someplace

Hey, it’s a holiday weekend. Not just a holiday weekend, but one of the big holidays of the year. If there is one legacy in America that I love is the irreverence with which Americans have always viewed their politicians. When some politician tries to puff themselves up like an overblown balloon it seems there have always been Americans nearby with a pin to let the air out.

Puffing about accomplishments that don’t exist and blaming others for problems they caused has been typical fair especially for those on the Republican side. Wednesday the staff of one of those self-aggrandizing Republicans who will be spending a lot of time in Iowa because he thinks so much of himself that he is running for president, came up with a brilliant idea. Let’s put up a twitter thread to let our man take questions from the people.

The candidate is Piyush (Bobby) Jindal currently governor of Louisiana and new part time citizen of Iowa. The Twitter thread is here. The American people were up to the challenge of deflating the overblown balloon that has characterized Jindal’s view of himself and his accomplishments. So with sharpened wits they had at the puffery with great success. Here are a few. Enjoy in the grand American tradition of bringing overblown heads back down to size.

Warning: excessive laughing may result in sore ribs and crying.

Chris Murphy ‏@NotOnMurphsTurf 2h2 hours ago
#AskBobby Why would anyone vote for you nationally when you have been completely disinterested and ineffectual at the state level?

Gothwave ‏@GothwaveLtd 3h3 hours ago
#AskBobby When Jesus delivered the constitution did He want to be President?

Vance Nickelson ‏@vnick72 21h21 hours ago
#AskBobby Who do you hate more: teachers, state workers, women, gays, or poor people? Does it help if someone is a member of more than 1 ?

Bryan Behar ‏@bryanbehar 23h23 hours ago
#AskBobby So you say state employees can deny same-sex marriage licenses? Are we free to choose which laws to obey? (Tweeted while driving)

Mrs. Betty Bowers ‏@BettyBowers Jun 30
#askbobby Are you peeved with Jeb for using a fake name that panders to the redneck Republican base even better than your fake name?

EqualityRising! ‏@EqualityRising_ Jun 30
#AskBobby Will your religious objection directive allow Clerks to withhold divorcees & non-virgins Marriage licenses?

NonProphetess ‏@nonprophetess Jun 30
#AskBobby – @BobbyJindal If gays get married and no conservatives are around to throw a fit, does it still violate their religious freedom?

Larry ‏@LarryLarmeu Jun 30
If you’re going to spend 5 days a week in Iowa can we put the gov mansion on AirBnB & make up some of the deficit you’ve created? #AskBobby

NonProphetess ‏@nonprophetess Jun 30
#AskBobby – @BobbyJindal Is the cognitive dissonance of having a biology degree and being viciously anti-science overwhelming?

Zack Kopplin ‏@ZackKopplin Jun 30
.@BobbyJindal if I sail too far will I fall off the edge of the Earth? #AskBobby

Bearded Stoner ‏@beardedstoner Jun 30
Many have responded to the news of your candidacy with laughter. Thoughts? #AskBobby

Note: This is also a reminder of how important a neutral internet is. With corporations owning all other media (radio, TV, newspapers magazines) it is vital for democracy to survive to keep the internet out of corporate hands.

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