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Are Russian Bots The New Rush Limbaugh?

The Stephanie Miller Show is funny and informative. The Stephanie Miller Show can be heard on SiriusXM stephaniemiller.com/listen-live/ Streaming via Progressive Voices on TuneIn and Premium On-Demand Subscription Podcasts The Stephanie Miller Show is also broadcast over the FM/AM airwaves … Continue reading

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Fake News Machine Ready To Defend Trump White House Against Mueller

https://www.exposedbycmd.org/2017/11/08/fake-news-machine-defend-trump-white-house-against-robert-mueller/ Follow the Data One year after the election, a few data points on the barrage of propaganda and disinformation utilized in the 2016 campaign is finally becoming available. According to an Oxford University study of Twitter traffic during the … Continue reading

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Michael Flynn To Invoke The Fifth Amendment

Trump just last September in Council Bluffs, Iowa:  “You see the mob taking the fifth…if you are innocent, why are you taking the fifth amendment?”  

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She’s Back! Randi Rhodes

“Randi Rhodes Number-one ranked progressive radio talk show host, political commentator, entertainer, and writer. The Randi Rhodes Show was broadcast nationally on Air America Radio, and Premiere Radio Networks from 2004–2014. Rhodes represents aggressively independent media.”   Listen to Randi live … Continue reading

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