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Charlie Cook: Iowa Likely To Lean Republican In 2020

Iowa will still lean Republican in 2020 according to Charlie Cook despite flipping congressional seats from 3 Rs/1 Dem; to 3 Dems/1 R in 2018. “What were the three states that made the difference in 2016? Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania. What … Continue reading

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Video: Obama Rally For Democrats in Vegas

Must see.  President Obama explaining why everyone must vote.  “The consequences of staying home would be profoundly dangerous to our democracy… Right now we have a chance to restore some sanity to our politics.” “I believe in facts. I believe … Continue reading

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Malcolm Nance: Democrats Must Vote Or This Could Be The Last Free Election

Get Malcolm’s new book, “The Plot to Destroy Democracy” https://amzn.to/2s6CWDU Subscribe to the daily Stephcast and the Happy Hour podcast here

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Iowa Voting: A One Minute How-to Guide

The time to do it is now. Today. Stop by your county auditor’s office. Click here to find your county auditor.  We only have about three weeks left.  We suggest voting early at your county auditor’s office because you won’t … Continue reading

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