Iowa Voting: A One Minute How-to Guide

The time to do it is now. Today. Stop by your county auditor’s office. Click here to find your county auditor.  We only have about three weeks left.  We suggest voting early at your county auditor’s office because you won’t have to worry about your ballot getting lost and campaigns won’t have to spend precious volunteer time collecting ballots. Just do it. They are open over the lunch hour. No excuses!


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1 Response to Iowa Voting: A One Minute How-to Guide

  1. Anne Duncan says:

    After voting early at the Auditor’s office during the last few elections, I am sold on it. As a non-device senior, I found the screen system a little puzzling at first, but that’s an advantage of voting early — there were only two people waiting to vote, so the county staff were right there to answer questions. And it’s great to know my vote is already banked this year. Trish Nelson is right. Auditor-office early voting is great!


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