Charlie Cook: Iowa Likely To Lean Republican In 2020

Iowa will still lean Republican in 2020 according to Charlie Cook despite flipping congressional seats from 3 Rs/1 Dem; to 3 Dems/1 R in 2018.

“What were the three states that made the difference in 2016? Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania. What happened this time? Dems easily held onto a senate seat and captured the governor’s race in Michigan; Dems easily held onto the senate and captured the governors race in Wisconsin; and easily won both the senate and governor’s race in Pennsylvania…so Democrats’ problems in ’16 maybe they won’t be quite as bad in 2020.”

More on Iowa Press from Charlie Cook.  His most interesting comment came right at the end as they ran out of time so there was no time for him to elaborate. “I don’t know if our system allows the elevation of great leaders so much anymore.” 


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