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I Am So Confused About Iowa’s Schools

(1 minute) Once again news reporting in the state has muddied up the waters so that what can easily be calculated as an actual cut to school funding in this state is reported to be an increase – well, sort … Continue reading

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Republican Governors

Meidas Touch commenting on James Carville interview (6:50) In the video above James Carville deservedly rails against the lousy job of governing done by Republican governors across the country. Republican governors are much more about culture wars and owning the … Continue reading

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The High Five

Once again we bring you Progress Iowa’s Friday version of their daily newsletter while the Iowa Legislature is in session. Happy Friday! It’s been an exciting week for Iowa’s college basketball teams! Congratulations to the Iowa State Cyclone women and … Continue reading

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Killing Public Schools In Iowa?

Once again the Iowa legislature is in session with an overwhelming Republican trifecta for passing bills. They have a wide majority in both Houses and a governor whose only concern seems to be pleasing the extreme right of the Republican … Continue reading

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Extreme 16: Voter Suppression Bill Crushes Competition As Number 1 Seed

A really inventive way from the folks at Progress Iowa    https://progressiowa.org  to illustrate how the Republican dominated legislature in Iowa is screwing over Iowa citizens:   Attacks on working families, women, LGBTQ Iowans, and institutionalizing racism round out this … Continue reading

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Branstad, Snyder Typify Republican Party

When I think of Republicans, especially Republicans in power I think of incompetence beyond anyone’s worst nightmare. In their drive to enrich their wealthy donors, they push hard for cuts to any programs that help the poor and help maintain … Continue reading

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The Courtney Report School Issues

editor’s note: I took two sections from Senator Courtney’s weekly newsletter that were relevant to issues that the legislature will be working on. For complete newsletters access Senator Courtney’s website here. INVESTING IN SCHOOLS KEEPS IOWANS COMPETITIVE Strong Iowa schools … Continue reading

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