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Why Iowa Republicans Know They Can Get Away With Anything

Even more Medicaid cuts?  Why would Republicans do something this despicable?  Answer: Because they can. Because they have been getting away with it and will probably continue to get away with it in the forseeable future. Iowa Republicans know there … Continue reading

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Contact Your Reps And CC Your Local Newspaper

Many Iowans are finding out just how futile it is to attempt to persuade our Republican representatives by writing to them directly.  Maybe they’ll be a bit more responsive if we take it to the media, as Cindy Garlock did … Continue reading

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Sirens In The Distance

 After the Iowa Republicans’ dismantling of Chapter 20,  Senator Joe Bolkcom warns that the public employee retirement system is next.  Dear Editor:  I woke up about 3 a.m. to a siren in the distance.  I thought to myself: Car accident? … Continue reading

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Branstad Adopts Trump Tactics, Blames Democrats For His Behavior

This  week I came across a story,  Law Enforcement: Lack of Resources for Mental Health in Iowa a Major Problem. In this story, Governor Branstad blamed Democrats for the closing of two MHIs and was quoted as saying, ” The … Continue reading

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Will “Truckloads Of Cash” From Koch Brothers Hand Iowa Legislature To The GOP?

Here is an urgent call to action from Democratic Senator Joe Bolkcom. Follow Senator Bolkcom on Facebook  and Twitter High Stakes Iowa Senate Elections “Republicans already hold the governor’s office and are expected to retain a majority in the Iowa … Continue reading

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Kaufmann: “Walker Administration a ‘Model’ of What One-Party Control Should Look Like”

We don’t typically like to fear-monger, but if you are worried about Iowa becoming Wisconsin, it would seem that your concern is well-founded, because that is exactly what the Iowa Republicans have in mind. Please think about ways you can … Continue reading

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Kaufmann To Iowa Republicans: Fall In Line And Get Used To The Donald

Unable to help themselves, the Iowa GOP doubles down on support for the Donald at an event in Hiwawatha and KCRG lends a helping hand with this report.  Video below. Why is it whenever there is something positive about Democrats … Continue reading

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Iowa Republicans Attempt To Dismantle Public Schools; Democrats Try To Stop Them

senate.iowa.gov/democrats On the Iowa Senate Democrats website:  The Legislature closed out the 2015 session with Senate Democrats opting to end five months of gridlock on school funding. The goal of the compromise is to maintain educational opportunities and boost student … Continue reading

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Bolkcom Shames Shameless Iowa GOP

senate.iowa.gov/democrats House Leadership has “moral obligation” to allow vote on medical cannabis Prepared remarks by Senator Joe Bolkcom given during floor debate today I heard today that the Iowa House won’t be back at the statehouse, ready to debate until … Continue reading

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Republicans Play The Outrage Card Over Netanyahu Speech

by Laura Twing There are many words available to describe how the Iowa GOP felt about Congressman Loebsack not personally attending the Israeli Prime Minister’s speech to the U.S. congress joint session. But they chose to use the word “outrageous,” … Continue reading

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