Iowa Republicans Want Republicans To Pick The Judges

If you want to find out what was said on this edition of Iowa Press but you don’t want to spend one more minute of a single day of your life talking yourself down from the anger-produced adrenaline surge that always comes with listening to Republicans justify their actions, do yourself a favor and just skip over it.  You won’t miss anything. Go straight to Mary Wolfe’s comments. Prof. Allan Vestal, former Dean and current professor from Drake University helps her out a couple of times and is worth listening to. Although on second thought you won’t want to miss David Yepsen’s unbiased, journalistic query of Mary Wolfe, after she describes the blatant Republican power grab:  “But what are conservatives to do if they are unhappy?”  Yep.  He actually asked her that question.

You can hear Wolfe here:


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  1. Paul Deaton says:

    This is like a public service. Thanks Trish.


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