Republican Talk Radio Host Jeff Angelo Warns His Party “You’ve Got To Take That Second Map”

Possibly the lone Republican who opposes the coming gerrymandering by the Iowa GOP, Jeff Angelo, WHO talk radio host and former 3 x Republican legislator,  publicly opposes the GOP plan to politicize redistricting in Iowa warning his party, “you have to take that second map.”

They won’t.  But hey, we should all sleep well tonight knowing there is one Iowa Republican with a shred of sanity who has a microphone and used it the other day for good.

“Senator Zach Wahls, the leader of the Democrats was on earlier in the show… But I actually agreed with him. He’s worried that we’ll go down the road to gerrymandering if we don’t approve this second map that’s going to be coming out later this week.

“To get you up to date, so we had a first redistricting map which was generated by the Legislative Services Agency, that’s a nonpartisan arm of the Legislature.And they give ‘em the map, and I as Republican look at the first map and say…”Mmm no, because it didn’t make sense to me with the state going more Republican, that you would put Ashley Hinson in a district that was basically a Democrat district. “Hey let’s more widely distribute those Republicans.”

OK, so I said “Hey, I think the Republican actually should actually turn down this first map.”

Ok, they did. Now you get a second map. You get, again, a yes or no vote, that’s it on that second map. And if you vote no, you vote it down, you go to a third map, that can be amended by the Legislature. And then you can get gerrymandering.

And Senator Wahls is concerned about that. And I’m with him on that. I think as a Republican, you can roll the dice once, and you can get that second map, but then you’ve got to take it.

Because the bottom line is going to the third map sets a precedent that you don’t want to set in Iowa, because we’ve never amended a third map in Iowa.

And you do that, then when the Democrats get control someday, they go “OK, how can we draw a map that keeps the Republicans from ever being in power.”

And somebody sent me, after that conversation, a look at some of the districts that they’re coming up with in Illinois. And my texter said “This looks like chicken fingers.”

Because the Democrats—It’s a blue state—Democrats have been in power a long time in Illinois. And they just draw the districts however they want ‘em to make sure Republicans can never win. You just don’t want that.

So you rolled the dice.

I hope the map’s a little bit better, the partisan Jeff says that for the Republicans, but I agree with them that you basically have to take that second map.


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