Iowa GOP, Reynolds, Hubbell, And Grassley

Highlights of Iowa’s Pulitzer prize winning colunnist Art Cullen’s recent piece in the Storm Lake Times. Read the entire article here

Iowa Republicans, Reynolds, Hubbell, and the first rule of survival

“Sexual harassment is the order of the day in the Senate. The Iowa Finance Authority is a sordid mess. Iowa State University is being purchased on annual payments from the Koch Brothers. North Lake Manor is closed because of Medicaid reform. The state is losing more than $100 million per year because of it. Our rivers are polluted and our schools are falling behind.

“We assume that politicians of either party will take care of their donors and the powerful. That is the first rule of survival. Take Hubbell’s lack of transparency as part of that cold fact. But at least he has enough money to tell the Koch Brothers where to go, and he won’t tolerate the hothouse that is the Senate, and he will straighten out our budget and get school appropriations growing again. We know that. And, we know that Kim Reynolds will do whatever she is told by the people who own her. And that she will continue to make a hash of things in the Statehouse. That’s why Hubbell holds a lead, however slim… (more)

Chuck Grassley’s legacy

“Chuck Grassley playing the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee last week would have been good for a slapstick laugh among the fumbling, mumbling, fidgeting and getting played by a witness. Except, it really is serious business. There is justice in that the Iowa Republican’s craven quest for power, now realized, meets him with humiliation as he defends a process meant to ramrod through an ideologue put up by a corrupt administration. Grassley used to be a better politician than this.  (more…)

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1 Response to Iowa GOP, Reynolds, Hubbell, And Grassley

  1. Anne Duncan says:

    ISU-associated friends tell me that ISU’s nickname now is Monsanto U. But I’m sure the Koch Brothers are also managing to buy their share, along with DowDuPont. I read a news story about the entering-office speech of the new ISU prez, and the word “education” didn’t appear once. The speech was all about preparing students to meet the needs of the new economy. The Monsanto Koch DowDuPont economy.

    I just read that some outraged activists have raised about $160,000 for Grassley’s opponent, should Grassley decide to run again in 2020. Maybe he’ll pull a Terry and pick a Chosen One to succeed him instead. Either way, Cullen’s editorial is right. Grassley has a national reputation now, and “craven” describes it.


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