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The So-Called Fiscal Cliff Deal And Real Problems

by Ralph Scharnau On New Year’s Day, the Senate and House passed a “fiscal cliff” deal.  The terms of the deal contain some good parts.  But economic stimulus and job growth issues were largely ignored. First, the agreement brought positive … Continue reading

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Senator Harkin On The Fiscal Cliff

  The so-called “fiscal cliff” has been averted — but at what cost? At the last possible minute, the Senate and House passed legislation that fails to address what should be our most important priority — supporting the middle class by … Continue reading

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Fiscal Cliff: Negotiating With Madmen

On the Fiscal Cliff, Obama Does What He Can Against 200 Years of Bad Faith by Michael Tomasky The fiscal-cliff impasse has its roots in—where else?—the old South, with its lunatic blend of obstructionism and greed at the public trough. … Continue reading

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Sanders: Republicans Are The Problem

Bernie Sanders Makes It Clear: Republicans Are The Problem From the blog Liberals Unite By Brandon Weber Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont said  when interviewed on MSNBC that Republicans were solely to blame for the lack of a budget … Continue reading

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The Fiscal Cliff And Republican Boat Burning

by Donald Kaul My favorite part of the budget negotiations is when a glum-looking John Boehner — backed by the vulpine Eric Cantor, eyes blazing — steps in from of the cameras and accuses Barack Obama of “not negotiating in … Continue reading

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In Iowa’s Interest: Hands Off Medicaid!

By Senator Tom Harkin As President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner continue negotiations on the so-called ‘fiscal cliff,’ I have one simple message:  hands off Medicaid! Federal health programs that millions of Americans rely on should not be on … Continue reading

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Labor Update: Fiscal Cliff Hanger Actions In Burlington, Davenport, Des Moines, Ames

FISCAL CLIFF HANGER Monday, December 10, is International Human Rights Day. It is also the day that union members and their community allies will be holding demonstrations and making calls to Congress to block cuts to Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid … Continue reading

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Tell Latham To Sign Discharge Petition To Avoid Fiscal Cliff

IowansforTaxFairness.com TheAction.org Rep. Tom Latham was presented with a golden opportunity today to put partisan politics aside for the good of the middle class families he represents and to help avoid pushing our economy off the ‘fiscal cliff’.  Reportedly, the … Continue reading

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Fiscal Cliff Caroling This Weekend In Ames, Des Moines

Action Alert from Progress Iowa With Congress back in session, it’s time for Chuck Grassley and Tom Latham to work for us and end the Bush tax cuts for the top 2%. Tell Sen. Grassley and Rep. Latham it’s time … Continue reading

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Will the Lame Duck be Lame?

Will anything get done in the lame duck session of congress between now and the end of year holidays? The answer is yes. Like during the 2010 lame duck session, expect congress to get some stuff done, and the debate … Continue reading

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