And This Is Why Democrats Should NEVER Appear On Fox News

I love Eric Swalwell for his unapologetic offensive on guns, in particular assault weapons.  (Assault weapons are “rifles” according to Fox News).  However, Rep. Swalwell made an error thinking he could have a conversation about his plan to buy back assault weapons with Tucker Carlson.  Did Swalwell reach or persuade any of the Faux News viewers? Likely not.  Tucker made sure of that.

What you and I saw was Tucker being an obnoxious idiot and a disgusting bully, disrespecting a duly elected congressman.  Democrats and progressives watch this interview and we don’t like Tucker. We identify with Swalwell, the rational thinker trying to do good.  The only thing Fox News viewers saw was a macho dude beating the crap out of a smart-guy wimp.  They weren’t paying attention to the words. They identify with the bully. They despise the weak one who was slapped down with ease.

The confident, outspoken Swalwell was reduced to a blubbering 8-year old caught smoking by an irate parent, after only a few minutes into the interview, and he never did recover.

But it wasn’t his fault.

Except he should never have agreed to an invitation into a snake pit.

Do you have the stomach to watch this sickening display of bullying all the way through? I hope every Democratic candidate sees this and thinks twice before going on Faux News.


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