What Is A CAFO?

Jefferson County Farmers & Neighbors, Inc. – JFAN

This is the first of five videos in a JFAN interview series with Dr. John Ikerd about CAFOs, Iowa’s #1 problem.  Visit Dr. Ikerd’s website here:  johnikerd.com/

“The operation runs like a factory. You consolidate control. You simplify the production process where you can hire people to do the work rather than having individual decision makers. You simplify it so that you can concentrate management into larger and larger operations and now large corporations basically make all of the important decisions of those operations. That’s the reason they call it factory farms because it runs a lot like a factory and it looks like an industrial process. “

Visit the JFFAN YouTube page to view the entire series:

  • How CAFOs impact the environment
  • What are the biggest problems in factory farming?
  • The difference between factory farms and traditional independent farms
  • Are Animals Still Raised on Pasture?

JFAN is a nonprofit educational foundation composed of rural and town residents, and traditional family farmers. Our common concern is to stop the growth of infringing factory farms in Jefferson County and protect our quality of life.   jfaniowa.org

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