Weigh In On Factory Farm Construction In Your Community

Action alert from CCI:

Happy New Year!

That means it’s the time of year for County Supervisors to vote on, pass and submit the Master Matrix resolution to the Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) by January 31 in order to weigh in on factory farm construction in their communities.

Without passing this resolution, there is virtually no way for your county to provide input or fight to protect your community from new or expanding factory farms.

The DNR approves nearly every factory farm application filed – that’s why it’s important that every County Board of Supervisors pass a Master Matrix resolution every year!

We have a right to weigh in, and our County Supervisors are responsible for protecting that right!

Sadly, some counties don’t know that they have to submit the Master Matrix Resolution to the Iowa DNR.

That’s where you come in! Let your County Supervisors know they must submit their Master Matrix resolution to the DNR by January 31st, or your county will not be able to use the matrix at all.

Let’s work to make this the year that all 99 counties utilize the matrix in 2023 to send a bigger message that Iowans all over the state are looking for a resource for local control against factory farms.

Click here to find a sample Master Matrix resolution that you can share with your County Supervisors!

Caitlin Golle
Farm and Environment
Organizer Iowa CCI

P.S. Questions? Send me an email at caitlin@iowacci.org

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