Do Iowa Laws Exist Solely To Rubber Stamp Livestock Industry Interests?

Action alert from Iowa Environmental Council:

At IEC, it is our job to be watchdogs at the legislature, with local governments, and rule-making agencies, monitoring whether their decisions make Iowa a better place to live, work, and explore.

In 2021, that role has proven to be more important than ever.

Recently, Iowa DNR approved a permit for Supreme Beef to build a huge concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) right along one of our most sensitive trout streams, Bloody Run Creek, designated as an “Outstanding Iowa Water” for its high water quality.

This fight is far from over. As we evaluate next steps, we need your support and partnership to keep holding our government accountable, especially the agency whose mission is ‘to conserve and enhance our natural resources’, and making sure the interests of Iowans and our environment are at the forefront of decision-makers’ minds.

Become a member of IEC today, and continue making your voice heard.

“If IDNR can approve this facility, which is located in sensitive karst topography, in the watershed of an ‘outstanding Iowa water’ and important cold water trout streams, then current Iowa laws and regulations provide no protection of the public interest and exist solely to rubber stamp livestock industry interests.” – Ingrid Gronstal, IEC Water Program Director

As our staff attorney Michael Schmidt said about this decision, “State laws and the DNR both prioritize new CAFOs over protecting our streams, rivers, and lakes.” Join IEC in pushing back at the statehouse and with a membership gift today.

Raising our voices with yours,

The Team at IEC

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