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Shopping across Iowa – Twelve Great Places

[by Cathy Lafrenz] We talk about what is wrong with the economic situation of the country.  We talk about the high un-employment and the low wages of workers.  We talk about the lack of healthy food options in our schools … Continue reading

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Hunger in Iowa

[by Cathy Lafrenz] It is the week after Thanksgiving and most of us have stuffed ourselves with turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie.  We have had turkey sandwiches, turkey casseroles and pecan pie for breakfast. We are full and now … Continue reading

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Searching for Iowa’s Agricultural History

[by Cathy Lafrenz] I am a farmer.  Plain … simple…. a farmer.  I grow food.And I am bothered by the fact that we as Iowans, know more about our I-phones and our cars than we do about the food we … Continue reading

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Deja Vu All Over Again! Cereal, Sugar, and Iowa Kids

[by Cathy Lafrenz] Does this really surprise you? Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I was a young mother.  I (like lots of Baby Boomers) was a rebellious mother and did such subversive things as nursed my daughter and made … Continue reading

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Iowans Turn Wine Into Water

[by Cathy Lafrenz] Last week, the World Food Prize was awarded in Des Moines to Gabisa Ejeta for his development of a drought-resistant variety of sorghum. Sorghum is a major food source in the Sudan and drought conditions have left … Continue reading

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