Vote Out Republicans Today

Today is a great day in America.  You can do something today for  yourself, your family, your country.  You can vote to throw Republicans out of office today!   🙂

If you’re feeling distressed over the Republican congress rubber-stamping Trump’s unqualified, partisan appointees, such as Brett Kavannaugh who was Carl Rove’s right-hand political operative just a few short years ago,  today you can take action. You can help a lot by just voting to throw Iowa Republicans out of office.  You can cast your vote today against every Republican on the ballot and do the world a whole lot of good.

How many Republicans are too many?

Republicans now control all three branches of the federal government – executive, both houses of congress and the judiciary.  In Iowa, it is the same. Republicans control the governor’s office, the state house and the senate.  They have brought hard line partisan politics to our state resulting in chaos and disorder.  They have stripped health care benefits, reduced school budgets, done nothing about our polluted water, gave us a totally unnecessary vote suppressing voter ID law,  more guns, more politicians in the doctor’s office and on and on.

By giving tax breaks to corporations and corporatizing Medicaid, they are stealing from ordinary people and re-distributing Iowa’s wealth not just upward, but to out of state, inaccessible, bureaucratized companies.  They give fancy names and titles to what they are doing, making it all sound like it’s good for us.  They are the party of yesterday, yet they call what they are doing “modernization.”

Seriously, maybe you’ve  heard that both parties are the same or equally bad, but look at Donald Trump, Chuck Grassley, Joni Ernst and compare to 99% of other Democrats and believe your own eyes.

State legislatures and governerships are we the people’s firewall against total control by today’s Republicans.

This mid-term election, voting is imperative. Please don’t consider it optional.  Do it today!

Click here to get started if you are unsure about your voting status and have questions.

We cannot emphasize enough that this year NOT VOTING IS NOT AN OPTION.

Iowa Democrats cannot perform well in November with voter participation resembling that of 2010 and 2014. The party needs to mobilize at least 60 percent of registered Democrats, ideally closer to 65 percent.

With many polls showing President Donald Trump and key Republican policies are unpopular among independents, it’s also critical to identify and mobilize no-party voters who are inclined to support Democrats. As the table shows, turnout drops off much more among independents than partisans in non-presidential years.  – Bleeding Heartland

Starting today through November 5, all 99 Iowa county auditors’ offices will allow early voting during regular business hours.

If you have questions about your status, contact your county auditor’s office. They will be happy to help you.   You can click here to take you to the Iowa Secretary of State website where you can type in your county to find out how to contact your county auditor.

Make no mistake about it, Trump supporting Republicans will be out in force voting even if Dear Leader is not on the ballot.

This year, take care of yourself, your family and your country. Vote Republicans out of office across the state.


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