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Dr. Branstad?

Their Freedom Is Controlling Your Life Last week Gov. Terry Branstad signed a law which gives him what must be the ultimate among those who desire to hold the control of others’ lives in their hands; he now has the … Continue reading

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Iowa City Celebrates Supreme Court Decision Striking Down DOMA

Kim Painter serves as recorder in Johnson County, Iowa. In 1998, she became the first openly gay first-time candidate elected to office in Iowa. This year she was named a Harvey Milk Champion of Change by President Obama.   These are … Continue reading

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Assessing Our Heterosexual Marriage

It is time for our annual assessment of our heterosexual marriage. We have been doing so for the past four years, looking for the signs that legalized gay marriage in Iowa is causing our marriage to crumble. We have survived 2 … Continue reading

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The Invisible Hand Of The Market

Due to the disaster at Fukishima last year, the invisible hand of the market now has 6 fingers and a couple of thumbs. Branstad falling short on jobs With about 40% of his first administration gone, he has fulfilled about … Continue reading

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Comment On Marriage Equality

Monday three Iowa judges (Marsha Thurness pictured left, David Baker and Michael Streit)  received the prestigious Profile In Courage Award from Caroline Kennedy for their part in the Varnum v. Brien decision legalizing marriage equality in Iowa. Wednesday President Obama … Continue reading

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How The Republicans Plan To Steal The Election.

Trying to keep track of all the ways that Republicans have set in motion at state and national levels to win the 2012 election with a little cheat here and a big cheat there and whatever other maneuvers is an … Continue reading

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Special Election Could Affect Marriage Equality In Iowa We need your help to protect equality in Iowa. We are facing a special election and marriage equality hangs in the balance. Senator Swati Dandekar is resigning and her seat in the Iowa State Senate will be filled by … Continue reading

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