Second Anniversary Of Insurrection Next Friday

The first of Rachel Maddow’s “Bagman” podcast (25 minutes). Eight chapters in all:

1/6/2021 should be a day of remembrance much as 9/11/2001 is a Day of Remembrance. This country came within an eyelash of being overthrown or at least put into a situation of extreme crisis. We must resolve that we will elect representatives that will create laws and processes that will make extremely hard for anything like that to happen again.

We must also resolve as a country that those who lead this rebellion will be brought to justice and that they will pay a price. If the leaders the insurrection are allowed to go free without having to atone for their attack on our country, it sends a message to the future that they can challenge the rule of law with a reasonable chance of getting away with it.

I have been listening to the Rachel Maddow podcasts in recent days. For those who are unaware of these podcasts, her first effort was “Bagman – the Story of Spiro Agnew.” He’s second podcast is “Ultra” as in “ultra right wing.” Find Rachel Maddow’s podcasts here:



These are both excellent podcasts and I recommend them highly. I am not going to try to spoil your listening experience. All I want to say is that this circus created by the extreme right in this country – we’ve been here before. At times you will wonder to yourself if what you are listening to happened yesterday or 8 decades ago.

Will we ever learn? Once again America is at a point where it must make a stand that the rule of law applies to everyone. Remember Nixon got away with crimes. Spiro Agnew got away with crimes. Will Donald Trump and his compadres get away with trying to overthrow the US government?

And going in to the nominating process in 2024, will Donald Trump not only get away with his crimes, but will he even be the nominee of the Republican Party? Will Iowa’s Republicans shame themselves by choosing to go with a crook? 

Iowa’s Republicans will be in the spotlight as Iowa’s Democrats are moved to later in the process in 2024. Besides Democrats have a leader who is doing a great job. 

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