A Tale Of Two Parties As Iowa Gears Up For 2024

Analysis by MSNBC on December 26, 2022 (7 minutes)

Hard to avoid the facts:

  • President Biden had a sterling year as president. Huge number of accomplishments as mentioned above. Perhaps his biggest accomplishment is barely mentioned until the end. That is helping Ukraine destroy the Russian army with European allies while keeping from igniting WWIII.
  • Inflation has been tough, but the Biden White House has worked to hold it at bay. Prices are coming down in many areas, wages are up in many jobs. Employment is high, unemployment is low. Concern is that the Fed and their counterparts may drive the economy into recession. Who would you rather have steering the country at such a time?
  • Still so many issues to face up to, but the advent of a Republican House of Representatives will most likely spend their time and ours doing nothing.
  • As Republicans gear up for Iowa’s first in the nation caucuses in slightly over a year, their leading candidate is facing substantial federal and state charges including inciting a rebellion against our country, trying to interfere with elections and theft of Top Secret documents.

One party works for the people and the country. One party works for themselves and their cronies. It is that simple.

Democrats have a lot to be proud of this year. Republicans should be full of shame and despair. I would much rather be a Democrat at this period in our country’s history.

Happy New Year, all!

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