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I read the Iowa Capital Dispatch every day.  They report on issues of concern to Iowans that no one else covers on politics, agriculture, environment, health care, justice, education and more.   They report inspection outcomes for restaurants, nursing homes and CAFOs.  Plus, when you read Iowa Capital Dispatch you don’t have the frustrating experience of continually X’ing out of all those annoying pop up ads because they are not funded by advertisers. They are funded by individual contributions and institutional grants via their parent organization, States Newsroom.  Find out more about their funding here.  Check out Iowa Capital Dispatch if you haven’t already.   Subscriptions are free.

Here is a message from Iowa Capital Dispatch:

With your help, we’ve achieved some important milestones:

We topped 3 million pageviews this year, nearly a 20% increase over 2021.

Pageviews are only a fraction of our reach, however, because we have continued to share our high-quality content to community newspapers and news outlets at no cost. We shared more than 3,700 stories this year, and nearly 20% more in the past six months than the previous six. We are helping to strengthen community news operations, allowing them to focus on important news in their communities.

We’re adding a reporter

We are proud of our progress, but we need your help to grow even more in 2023. Iowa Capital Dispatch has been chosen as a Report for America newsroom, allowing us to add a full-time reporter this spring. Report for America, a national non-profit organization, will pay half the salary in the first year for a reporter to cover higher education in Iowa. It will be up to Iowa Capital Dispatch and our parent organization, States Newsroom, to raise the rest of the cost for salary and benefits this year and a higher share in the coming years.

That will mean more impactful news for you about a topic that is important for Iowa’s workforce and economy, as well as Iowa’s ability to attract and keep young people in our state. Will you help us?

Please donate

If you’ve never donated to Iowa Capital Dispatch before, even a small donation of $10 or $25 will be an enormous help. You can donate online here or find instructions to contribute by check.

If you’re already a donor, thank you again for helping support community journalism. Would you consider an additional donation today or before the end of the year? All donations to Iowa Capital Dispatch are tax-deductible. Click here to make an additional one-time donation.

Finally, please encourage your friends and family and social networks to subscribe to Iowa Capital Dispatch. It’s always free and you’ll never see advertising or sponsored posts. We do not sell your personal information.

2022 highlights

Here are some of our top stories from 2022:

Restaurant update: Flies in the cheese, ants in the sugar and moldy ribs: Our monthly restaurant inspection stories are our most-read articles.
Commentary: Silly school litter box rumors front a darker agenda
Six Iowa nursing homes run by one company are fined for abuse and neglect
Iowa man fights to save his hunting preserve

Thanks again!

Kathie Obradovich, editor
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