Sunday Funday Light Is Returning Edition

There are so many day during December that are markers for the sun (the invincible sun?) returning. Thus the ancients were reassured hat life would indeed go on. One of the more interesting ones happens this week as St. Lucy’s Day occurs on December 13th. On many ancient calendars this was the shortest day of the year. 

Following December 13th, the sun sets a little later each day. But the sun actually rises later each day until January 6th. The true shortest day of the year is of course December 21st. As I have said before , it is kind of fun to try to imagine how the ancients would handle the wobbles of the sun at this time of year. Seems like the best move was to party and hope things were getting better, Some things don’t change.

Another week for the ages.

A) We would be remiss if we did not remember the 10th anniversary of what tragedy that happened December 14th, 2012?

B) How could you possibly miss the release of what WNBA star from Russian jail on Thusday?

C) Mavericky Arizona Senator Kristen Sinema stunned hardly anyone when she declared that she was no longer a Democrat but was instead a what?

D) The 2024 election finally came to and end as who won the senate runoff in Georgia?

E) Congressional Medals of Honor were bestowed on what group of people for their valor during the January 6th insurrection?

F) Among those award recipients, whose family refused to shake the hands of Republican leaders?

G) More classified documents were found in a storage unit on the grounds of what building?

H) “Saint Lucy Day” aka Santa Lucia Day is mostly celebrated in what two disparate nations of Europe?

I ) It appears that covid lockdown protocols are relaxing in what country following widespread protests?

J) The Supreme Court heard a couple of explosive cases last week. In the case of Moore v. Harper the Court took on what fringe theory concerning election laws?

K) In the other case the Court heard arguments on whether a business could discriminate in a case involving a wedding for what kind of couple?

L) Allies of Ukraine are trying to shrink Russian money for their war on Ukraine by imposing a price cap of what amount on Russian oil beginning last Wednesday?

M) The name “Lucy” comes from the latin word lux which means what in English?

N) In an appearance before the House Judiciary Committee, former evangelical activist Rob Schenck claimed he had been tipped on a SCOTUS decision trough a friend of what Justice?

O) Families in Moore County, NC shivered for days after someone shot up a couple of what in the county?

P) Trump Org. was found guilty on haw many charges by a jury in a tax fraud case against the company?

Q) Who did Time announce as their “Person of the Year” for 2022?

R) President Biden toured a new facility in Arizona that is expanding its capacity to make what?

S) December 21st is the day that J6 Special Committee Chair Benny Thompson set for what?

T) Singer Celine Dion announced that she is suffering a rare and incurable neurobiological condition known as what?

Can we all talk about the fact that Joe Biden is really good at being President. – d_jerneration tweet


A) The Sandy Hook Massacre 

B) Brittney Griner

C) Independent

D) Senator Raphael Warnock

E) The Capitol Hill Police

F) The family of the late Brian Sicknick

G) Mar-a-Lago

H) Sweden and Italy

I) China

J) Independent State Legislatures

K) a gay couple. 

L) $60

M) light

N) Samuel Alito

O) electrical substations

P) 17

Q) Volodymor Zelesky of Ukraine

R) computer chips

S) Issuing a committee report and issuing criminal referrals

T) stiff-person syndrome. Very rare

Jubilant Democrats Celebrate End to Raphael Warnock Texting Them. – Andy Borowitz

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