Sunday Funday: Winter Is Coming Edition

Video 11:25 – Dogs and snow:

Boy that snuck up on us didn’t it? One day it’s almost 60, the next day some weatherman is saying snow! 

Winter is actually the season where we experience the return of the sun. Summer and fall are the seasons when the sun slowly recedes. But long ago summer and fall had much better publicity agents and thus are much better thought of. That and the much warmer temperatures.

So we head into December which notes several holidays that were once times when the sun appeared to be returning. Think of our ancestors 10,000 or so years back when everybody watched the sun to make sure it would return. The sun was simply life and death.

Well, a sort of a quiet week:

A) Chocolate and Chips were in the news last week. Who or what are they?

B) We will include some winter questions today. For instance where does the word “winter” come from?

C) The Supreme Court did not step in to stop whose taxes from being obtained by congress?

D) Once again, shootings with multiple deaths are rampant across the US. So far this year, what is the daily average of multiple shootings in the US?

E) Herschel Walker once more garnered unwanted publicity when he mixed up what two words during an interview on Fox News?

F) This should get some volunteers. Kelli Flanagan say Iowa’s DCI is having a hard time testing what products from other states for compliance with Iowa laws?

G) According to what presumed Republican presidential candidate is Randi Weingarten (head of the American Federation of Teachers) “The most dangerous person in the world?”

H) Labor unrest in what country could interrupt deliveries of Apple’s new Phone?

I) Heavy snowfall, winds over 35 mph and limited visibility. What is it?

J) At the UN Climate talks rich nations have agreed to what to help poorer nations deal with climate change?

K) Since Elon Musk has taken over Twitter, what percentage of Twitter’s top 100 advertisers have left?

L) The gunman in the Chesapeake, Virginia mass shooting at a Walmart was employed by Walmart in what capacity?

M) Thieves in Manchin, Germany took only 9 minutes to steal what kind of coins from a museum in this southern German town?

N) Has any Southern Hemisphere country ever hosted the Winter Olympic Games?

O) Dec. 1,1955 – what action by a seamstress sparked the Montgomery bus boycott?

P) The Soccer (football) team Manchester United is up for sale. It can be yours if you have how much to pay for it?

Q) The father of the mass murderer in the Colorado Springs shooting was relieved to hear that his son was not what?

R) What upstanding American citizen and elected official was finally forced to testify before a Fulton County, Georgia grand jury in the election tampering scandal?

S) If you live in what country it is probably time to put in your order at the local KFC for your Christmas dinner? 

T) Reality TV stars Todd and Julie Chrisley, famed for their TV show “Chrisley Knows Best”, were both given hefty jail sentences after they were convicted of what crimes?

Rep. Adam Schiff to ABC on Kevin McCarthy: “I suspect he will do whatever Marjorie Taylor Greene wants him to do. He’s a very weak leader of this conference, meaning that he will adhere to the wishes of the lowest common denominator.”


A) Those are the names of this years presidentially pardoned turkeys

B) From the old Germanic word ‘winter’ it means “time of water”

C) Trump’s

D) 2 mass shootings per day on average

E) ‘election’ and ‘erection’

F) baked goods with marijuana in it.

G) Mike Pompeo. Hard to believe he was Secretary of State and couldn’t recognize dangerous leaders

H) China

I) It’s a blizzard!

J) setting up a fund for poorer nations

K) 50%

L) as a supervisor

M) Gold coins from Ireland’s Celtic period

N) No – not sure when they would doing so – July?

O) Rosa Parks refused to give her seat on a bus to a white man. She was then arrested.

P) The price I saw was $7.45 billion

Q) Gay. Apparently mass murder is ok but not being gay

R) Lindsey Graham – what a fine example

S) Japan

T) Bank fraud and tax evasion

What Musk is doing to Twitter is the perfect metaphor for the Republican Party and America. They’ll burn the whole country down and take us all with them, just to make sure no one else gets a voice or any joy. – Stonekettle tweet

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