Reynolds and Grassley Still All In With Trump

From our inbox – Please read this and share it on social media. Statement by ProgressIowa calling out our governor and senior Senator for aligning themselves with the liar in chief Donald J. Trump. 

Reynolds and Grassley betray Iowans by campaigning with Trump

Des Moines, Iowa — Progress Iowa Executive Director Matt Sinovic issued the following statement in response to former President Trump’s hosting a rally with Governor Kim Reynolds, Senator Chuck Grassley and other Iowa Republicans in Sioux City:

“In America, voters decide their elected leaders. But former President Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans engaged in a criminal conspiracy to overturn the will of the people, including threatening the Vice President and helping promote, pay for and pardon the attack on our country on January 6th. MAGA Republicans and the former President himself have repeatedly tried to cover up their role in this attack by blocking the Congressional and FBI investigations of these crimes.

“At the same time, Iowa Republicans like Governor Kim Reynolds and Senator Chuck Grassley have refused to denounce the former President’s behavior. Instead, they’re now campaigning with Trump.

“People who attempt to sabotage our democracy and endanger the lives of fellow citizens have no business leading or governing. And neither do those who stand by and refuse to condemn the organizers of such attacks.

“Trump and MAGA Republicans are a continued threat to our freedom as voters. They want to overturn elections and overrule the will of the people, changing laws to allow Republicans to decide who wins elections. By campaigning with Trump, Reynolds and Grassley show they side with the MAGA Republicans who oppose American freedom rather than their constituents. Iowans will not forget where Reynolds and Grassley stand – with Trump instead of with us.”

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