Major Storm Coming?

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This is a kind of stream of consciousness that has been floating in my mind all morning. Feels like the only way I can get rid of it is to put it down on paper.

It is finally looking like Donald Trump may actually suffer some consequences for his decades of fraud and corruption. Last week after Judge Cannon tried to give Trump yet one more escape route, this week it looks like that escape route has shuttered. Even judges of the 11th circuit that he appointed could not stomach the orders Judge Cannon set up, so they set some aside.

As has been predicted continually by talking heads on radio and TV, Trump is about to run out of escape routes. Stealing Top Secret documents looks like it has been one step too far. Like so many even the super criminal Trump went too far.

Meanwhile on the business Trump front, NY AG Letitia James seems to have closed off escape routes for Trump’s fraudulent tax claims coupled with his fraudulent real estate claims for loans with banks in New York. As you have no doubt read she seems to have a nearly air tight case for the lawsuit she brought against Trump, his children and his New York businesses. James also added a little dessert by referring Trump for criminal prosecution by the FBI and the IRS.

Meanwhile down in Atlanta, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis let it be known that her investigation into election tampering could lead to jail time for many involved in the tampering. Trump responded by threatening the country with violence should anything happen to him. That seemed like a weak threat as people see January 6th participants receiving some stiff jail time.

And an extra straw on the camel’s back:  E. Jean Carroll sued Trump for sexual battery and emotional distress over Trump’s alleged rape of her decades ago. Deposition in this lawsuit out be done by the middle of next month. 

All this Trump news is making screaming headlines right before the midterms that feature an almost total cast of Trumps supporting, Big Lie affirming far right republican candidates who must try to figure how they can avoid getting caught in the swirl as the Trump turds start heading down the toilet. Just to remind folks of Trump’s major claim to fame, the January 5th Committee will make an appearance next Wednesday to discuss Trump leading an insurrection against our country.

Overseas, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues to flounder as Ukraine launched major counter offensives. More bad news for dictators and wannabe dictators around the world: Moscow is facing a crisis as Putin has ordered recalling troops back to service to be cannon fodder for his war. Oddly, young men don’t want to be sent to fight Putin’s war where there is a good chance they may be killed.

Weather continues to cause massive problems around the world. Pakistan is still flooded, Japan got rocked by a massive typhoon and even Alaska was assaulted by a tropical typhoon while Puerto Rico once more endures a massive late season hurricane. We are beginning to see just how massive climate change is making our weather. It will only get worse.

And finally for this list, we see the Federal Reserve steering our economy toward a major recession because it seems they only have one hammer and no other tools in their tool box. Therefore, they will use that hammer to break the economy and put large amounts of people out of work. Seems really strange they would have no other process or tools.

The US is not the only country using the interest hammer to stop inflation, so it almost looks like a coordinated campaign to bring on a recession. 

Meanwhile over in Great Britain, Liz Truss announced she will do all she can to repeat Margaret Thatcher’s mistakes and claims she will get different outcomes. What was that definition of insanity again?

Anyway it is starting to feel like the wall cloud part of the storm is approaching. Expect to see the funnel clouds dropping down soon. Hopefully once this front passes (and it may take as much as a year) calm will follow.  

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  1. Edward Fallon says:

    So many major storms coming. When they converge, it’s going to be really ugly.


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