Reynolds TV Ad “Cheap, Dangerous, Racist Stunt”

Governor Kim Reynolds’ transparently racist campaign ad drew sharp criticism from Democrats. Will the Iowa press give her a pass?

Statement from Iowa House Democratic Leader Jennifer Konfrst on new Reynolds TV Ad:

“Iowans are tired and exhausted with politics today and Kim Reynolds’ new tv ad is exactly why.

Instead of being honest with Iowans about her wildly unpopular plans to ban all abortion and use vouchers to strip away money from public schools, Reynolds is using lies and race to divide us for her own political gain. It’s a disgrace.
Iowans deserve more from Reynolds and their elected officials. It’s time to put people over politics.”

 IDP Chair Ross Wilburn had this to say about it. Follow more of Wilburn’s remarks on his Twitter feed here

Read  the Twitter thread here

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