Republican Plans For Social Security

The Lincoln Project catches Ron Johnson of Wisconsin saying the Republican plan for Social Security and Medicare out loud. This is not a secret. This is the plan that the radical right is advancing under the leadership of Senator Rick Scott of Florida. If they even get a sniff of being the majority in the House and Senate again, this is what is coming:

(1 minute)

If they have the trifecta, expect Social Security and Medicare to be targets #1 and #1A. 

But Chuck Grassley wouldn’t do that to us would he? Sure he would. Even though it is money you paid in all your life Chuck and his radical right wing party would love to figure a way to give your money to the wealthy in some kind of yet another tax break.

Don’t believe it? Be very very careful or you may find out. Vote for Grassley this year and two years from now you may be kissing Social Security and Medicare goodbye.

Vote for Michael Franken. He will work to protect what you worked for all your life.

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