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Iowa has a real choice this fall.
Democrat Deidre DeJear for Governor

The overwhelming vote in Kansas leaving abortion as a fundamental right in their constitution gives us hope that voters across America are awakening to how badly they are being screwed and who is screwing them. At every level, the screwing is being done by radically right which has turned government into a toll to punish those who do not fit their image of an acceptable American.

Leading those who use the government to interfere in people’s lives in Iowa is Gov. Kim Reynolds. She is committed to ending any access to abortion in Iowa. She is also heading up the charge to wipe out public education in Iowa. 

Iowans don’t want this. There is no reason to vote for a Kim Reynolds. She has failed as a governor for some six or seven years. Why would we want more? Voting for a sure four more years of failure seems like a bad idea.

Deidre DeJear is up to doing the job of governor. Right off the bat you know she will protect women’s access to abortion. She will also provide the environment for women’s reproductive health in Iowa. Under Reynolds, I believe we will see more doctors leaving Iowa. I don’t believe that will happen under DeJear. 

Under DeJear I believe we can expect to see public education once more given the priority it deserves. Iowa was once among the premier states for education. Under Reynolds we have lost that lofty status. We are now around 30th and headed down. Expect DeJear to fight to re-establish Iowa as an education state. Education is usually the basis for a solid economy.

Also expect DeJear to fight for the common Iowan rather than giving Iowa’s wealthy the breaks. Iowa has a history of being a good place for all to live with decent wages and educational opportunity. The Reynolds years have been a major break with that history. We need to return Iowa back to its historical place as welcoming to all.

Iowa’s media has been pretty much missing in reporting what is really going on in Iowa. There was little critical reporting in the early days of covid when Reynolds total lack of leadership led to many unnecessary deaths in the meat industry and in nursing homes. Reynolds focus was not on saving lives, but rather on keeping businesses open.

Only a few could have done a worse job of leading during the pandemic. Reynolds leadership was based on ideology, not sound science. Iowa’s compliant press pretty much gave her a pass. 

For me I would much rather have someone in a position of leadership who is guided by science and norms rather than ideology. I believe DeJear would be that person.

We just saw an overwhelming upset in Kansas where voters on both sides of the aisle looked around and said “ENOUGH.” I believe that Iowa voters are looking around, especially at the abortion issue, the attempt to end public education in Iowa and the terrible leadership especially during covid and will say “ENOUGH!”

DeJear needs our votes. But right now she also needs some money to get her story to the public. Help her out with a contribution today: 

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