Sunday Funday: No Contraceptives Edition

Admiral Franken answers question on reproductive rights:(1:30)

I was somewhat shocked (in an age where shock doesn’t happen much) when 195 Radical Right Republicans in the US House voted against preserving the right of Americans to purchase contraceptives. This vote was necessitated by the very strong warning that Justice Clarence Thomas sent in his concurring opinion in the Dobbs v. Jackson ruling the overturned reproductive  rights for women first set out in Roe v. Wade.

Given the warning Democrats are trying to preserve marriage rights and the right to purchase contraceptives before either the SCOTUS or radically right Republicans slam the doors on these rights. Thus marriage rights were passed through the House early this week and contraception rights quickly followed.

195 radically right Republicans voted AGAINST Americans rights to purchase contraception. Who are these people who so want to deny YOUR right to make your own decisions on your body and your sexual choices? Well, look around – they are radical right Republicans like Mariannette Miller-Meeks, Randy Feenstra and Ashley Hinson! They want to control your body.

I am going to guess that some of them – probably all three – have purchased contraception in their lives. Damned hypocrites!

Uh – boy – the news is not getting any better:

A) Speaking of news – what “News” (not) had its credibility rating lowered to “Untrustworthy” by media watchdog Newsguard Thursday?

B) Maybe soon the words ‘I’m Calling About Your Auto Warranty’ will disappear as what agency has ordered phone companies to quit carrying this traffic?

C) GUILTY, GUILTY! Who was found guilty of contempt of Congress Friday?

D) It was announced that who had Covid last Thursday?

E) How many Iowans died from Covid last week? 

F) But her emails! What highly sensitive agency admitted that it destroyed text messages from January 5th & 6th, 2021 despite being told not to?

G) Herschel Walker – the Republican lying machine – claimed last week that he worked for what law enforcement agency?

H) Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak stepped into the world limelight as the leading candidates to replace what deposed world leader?

I) Indiana Attorney General Todd Rosita may soon be facing a defamation lawsuit from who?

J) What iconic insect’s status was downgraded to “endangered” by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature Thursday?

K)  A case of what once dread disease brought under control by vaccine popped up in New York State last week?

L) A video of what US Senator running from the mob on January 6th has greatly damaged his carefully groomed masculine image?

M) That rumble you heard on Iowa’s west coast was RAGBRAI kicking off from what town on the Missouri River?

N) An obstetrician in California is planning an abortion clinic that would be set up on a boat where?

O) Iowa state auditor Rob Sand is encouraging school districts to apply for federal grants to buy new, non-polluting what?

P) In what seems to be a strange reaction to school shootings, school districts in Texas are requiring kids to carry backpacks that are what?

Q) Seventeen House Democrats were arrested by Capitol Police during a protest against what?

R) A mass shooting took place in what Iowa location Friday morning?

S) The J6 Committee hearing was carried live on all broadcast networks Thursday except which one?

T) China threatened to take “forceful measures” if who visits Taiwan as she has planned?

Red States wouldn’t survive without Blue State taxes pulling them out of the sewer. Maybe let them have a couple of years on their own and see what GOP policy really looks like. – kirumb tweet


A) Fox “News”

B) the FCC

C) Steve Bannon

D) President Biden

E) 41  – going up

F) The Secret Service – this is a scary development


H) Boris Johnson in the UK

I) Dr. Caitlin Bernard, The obstetrician who aborted the fetus of the 10 y/o Ohio girl

J) The Monarch Butterfly

K) Polio

L) Josh Hawley – he was also wearing a mask

M) Sergeant Bluff

N) The Gulf of Mexico

O) school buses

P) clear of see through mesh.

Q) The overturning of Roe v. Wade

R) Maquoketa Caves State Park

S) Fox of course

T) Nancy Pelosi

This may be out of line, but it’s just so damn wrong that Mike Pence isn’t testifying under oath right now. More than anyone else, Pence is the one who should be testifying. It’s so wrong. = Former GOP Rep. Joe Walsh

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