Roe v. Wade Overturned

Well, now we know what he meant. Very bad for women

Much as with the death of a friend or relative, even when you know they are dying you still hold out hope until that final breath is drawn. Even though we had much warning, when the official release of the Dobbs v. Jackson happened Friday morning it was much like realizing that an old friend is gone, never to return.

I believe the very first outcomes of this decision will be more erosion of the status of women as citizens. The second will be a further sharpening of the divide in this country. 

Make no doubt that this is only the first in what many suspect will be a mass overturning of cases that advanced civil and personal rights in this country over the past 80 years. Expect homosexual marriage to be a target very quickly. Will interracial marriage also be a target? Probably, though in a couched way.

How about the ability to simply buy birth control over the counter in a drug store? Surely that will be a target.

Some may have missed it, but Miranda rights took a hit in Thursday’s decisions. Not completely gone, but eroded. 

This court is on a revenge tour. Because of their ages this group may have as much as another 20 years together to wreak havoc on our rights. 

Many have predicted that even Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas will be overturned. They will certainly be looking for cases to do so. Remember one man, one vote? Perhaps one of the most basic of civil rights cases. Do not be surprised if that is challenged.

As we come up on July 4th, don’t forget that the very basis of the Revolution was laws being imposed without representation. You have the power to make a difference, but you have to vote! And you have to vote against the forces that have brought the current situation to be.

If there is one person who should have blame heaped on him, that is Chuck Grassley. His refusal to grant Merrick Garland a nomination hearing for a seat on the SCOTUS blatantly ignored the dictates of the constitution. His refusal to act in a constitutional manner and to get away with it by being re-elected was the first move in packing the SCOTUS with reactionary members.

But sadly, voters who did not take the threat of what would happen if Hillary Clinton were not elected are also at fault. Donald Trump was a man who cared little about our country. He inflicted severe damage on our country and with his SCOTUS appointments his legacy of disaster will carry on for decades.


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