Sunday Funday? D-Day +78 Years Edition

We can hardly think “fun day” when we think of D-Day, can we? The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the atrocities Russia has committed has dredged up memories of World War 2 and the horrors of Hitler. And the bravery and courage of our forebears.

Perhaps one of the saddest thoughts on this day is that we have a political party in this country that is working to undermine our democracy. At the same time we live in a society that has a tyrannical minority that terrorizes our citizens with firearms as if we are what a former president called “a shithole country.” 

We must stand up to this minority or we stand on the sidelines as the greatest experiment ever attempted by humans fails.

A) Well, Iowa joined the recent spate of mass murders when three people were shot to death Thursday in what Iowa city?

B) Ohio Governor Mike DeWine will (or has) sign(ed) a bill that will make it easy for school districts to do what?

C) June 4th, 1989. What square in Beijing becomes synonymous with oppression as Chinese military massively breaks up ongoing protests?

D) A right wing induced witch hunt came to an abrupt end when what lawyer for Hillary Clinton’s campaign was not indicted by a grand jury in connecting Trump to Russia?

E) On average how many people die of gun violence in America daily?

F) Some gay pride trivia. Quickly, who was the San Francisco gay activist who was elected to city council and subsequently murdered in his office?

G) How many jobs were added in April according to the BLS?

H) Covid vaccinations for what age group are tentatively scheduled to begin on June 21st?

I) Trying to keep up with Amazon, what giant retailer will add four ‘fulfillment’ centers over the next 3 years?

J) June 5,1968. Who was assassinated?

K) According to a Politico story Republicans will be hiring an army of poll watchers to disrupt voting where this fall?

L) In a truly unusual accident, 3 people were seriously injured in Wisconsin when a train collided with what?

M) President Biden gave a nationwide address Thursday on what deadly major American problem?

N) Who were the opposing parties in the SCOTUS case that legalized same sex marriage in the US?

O) What was the code name for the beach that the Allies stormed on D-Day?

P) What attempted assassin will be freed of court restrictions June 15th?

Q) Shooting victim Amerie Jo Garza of Uvalde, Texas was awarded the Bronze Cross for bravery by what organization she was a member of?

R) Admiral Linda Fagan became the first female to lead a branch of the US services when she was sworn in as the Commandant of what?

S) Sheryl Sandberg made headlines as she stepped down as the COO of what major tech company?

T) As many as 1/3rd of the country’s public pools may not be able to open or will have reduced hours due to a shortage of what?

“Being gay is natural. Hating gays is a lifestyle choice.” John Fugelsang on the Stephanie Miller Show


A) Ames

B) Arm teachers (insane)

C) Tiananmen Square

D) Michael Sussmann

E) 110

F) Harvey Milk

G) 390,000

H) The under 5 group! (Yay!) 

I) Walmart

J) Robert Kennedy

K) in Democratic precincts

L) a hot air balloon

M) gun violence

N) Obergefel v. Hodges

O) Omaha

P) John Hinckley Jr. (he is 67 yo) 

Q) the Girl Scouts

R) the Coast Guard

S) Meta (formerly Facebook)

T) Life Guards – employment is so good that finding people for this summer job is very hard.

When you go to the polls, I suggest that we all show up with the cameras in our phones on.

Some of us will catch Republicans trying to intimidate people. We need to send as many of them to jail as possible. – DesignationSix tweet

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