Urgent Action Alert: Iowa Republicans Advance Jake Chapman’s Bill To Jail Teachers

The Republican bill to jail teachers is here and advancing through the legislature. With virtually no public notice, Republicans rushed Senate President Jake Chapman’s bill through subcommittee today. The bill has cleared its first hurdle and this legislation has a real chance of becoming law — to say we are deeply concerned is a massive understatement.

This dangerous bill, introduced by GOP Senate President Jake Chapman, would allow for educators to be charged with serious misdemeanors — which comes with the penalty of up to a year in jail — for teaching material that Republicans in the State Legislature disagree with.

We must move quickly to work against the Republicans’ extreme and unhinged attacks on our educators and the students they teach. Will you rush a contribution today to replace dangerous extremist Jake Chapman?


Your support right now is critical to help Democratic State Senator Sarah Trone Garriott communicate her positive message and get the word out about Chapman’s extremism.

With your support, we can defeat Chapman and re-elect Sarah, a true advocate for Iowa teachers and families.

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