Want To End Divisive Politics? Vote Miller-Meeks Out.

Shortly after the new year, like many others in the old second soon to be first congressional district we got a flyer from the current congress member for this area, Marionette Miller-Meeks. The first thing that caught my eye was that this was “official” congressional mail that looked a lot like a campaign glossy. You and I were paying for this “looks a lot like campaign literature” mail.

I have long since shredded this flyer. All I remember was that there were some claims that she had written a piece of legislation that Congress member Axne had written. There were some other statements that all I can remember is Miller-Meeks seemingly taking credit for things she didn’t do.

Shortly thereafter Miller-Meeks gave this one minute speech that is essentially a compressed campaign speech on the floor of the US House:

One minute speeches at the beginning of a daily session are an old tradition. Often these are used to make a statement to highlight some special situation that the congress member wishes to have a note made of in the congressional record. In this case, our congress member wasted the House’s time and our money to make a barely connected campaign speech based on Republican talking points that for the most part were blatantly false or were unproven.

As you may note in the speech, also much of what the congress member said was meant to cause division in our country and I assume our district:

  • Her first bit of division is to continue the Republican talking point that Covid was leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China. This has nit been proven, nor does she offer proof. She simply throws it out to the world. This speculation has been the basis for increased attacks on Asian and Pacific Islanders for the past couple of years. Miller-Meeks stokes those fires
  • She then puts total blame for GLOBAL inflation solely on the Biden Administration. Economies are complex. The circumstances for inflation did not begin January 21, 2021. She can’t be an effective congress member believing in such simplistic circumstances.
  • She then goes on to attack one of the attempts to help alleviate inflation. Can’t have it both ways.
  • Then it is “illegals.” A staple of Republican rhetoric for decades used only to elicit fear among whites. Again she offers no proof, just makes unsubstantiated statements.
  • She then waves the fear banner of “no covid testing for illegals.” Once again she stokes fear without offering any proof.
  • Why not follow that with the image of the drug running at the border? That is an old standard Republican fear trope.
  • “Record high homicides in blue states.” Invoking images of fear inducing cities and fear of black citizens who live there. Stir up the fear! 
  • “Disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.” Did she want us to waste national treasure and lives of our soldiers forever for Bush’s error in judgment?
  • She ends with a flourish, repeating lies about Covid and vaccinations meant to keep a large portion of the country unvaccinated and the virus continuing. This is becoming a major division in our country.

One minute. In one minute Miller-Meeks was able to give what will be essentially her stump speech on the floor of congress with you and me picking up the cost as she makes unsubstantiated claims that a high schooler should be embarrassed to repeat. 

Just to emphasize her disdain of common sense mitigation of Covid she has incurred several fines for refusing to wear a mask on the House floor. It is like she is giving America the finger. We pay her salary, so therefore as an extra insult to us, her constituents, we are paying her fines for her breaking the rules.

Think back. Our last two members of congress did not spend their time sowing division. They did not use our nickel to campaign. Both were highly respected members of congress whose opinions and advise were often sought by members of the opposing party. 

Dave Loebsack and Jim Leach represented our district with integrity and dignity. Both were frequently back in the district consulting with their constituents. They would seek out constituents of the other party to see how they could work for them. 

Miller-Meeks has decided that the politics of division will be her calling card.

Christina Bohannan will restore the idea that a member of congress can have dignity and integrity. She will represent her district, not try to divide us into warring camps.

Check your registration now while you have time. Make sure you know the rules on voting next November. Christina Bohannan will need your vote to help bring congress back to being a dignified organization.

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