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We wanted to make sure that everyone had a chance to see this. The “mainstream media” seldom misses a chance to blame President Biden for anything and everything that is perceived as a wrong in this world – and that includes NPR. Because of the constant negative press most of us have forgotten what an absolute mess he inherited.

We were on the verge of potentially one of the worst economic situations in history thanks to the total mismanagement of the previous administration. The pandemic was rising dramatically while the previous administration did nothing to stop it. The previous administration refused o share information with the incoming administration and had in fact lead an attempted overthrow of our government. And congressional leaders of the Republican Party vowed to block anything that the new Biden Administration did.

It was as if Republicans had set the country up to fail and promised to continue their assault using their control of the media. Yet despite all this, President Biden had perhaps the most impressive first year of any president since Franklin Roosevelt. We thought you should hear this somewhere, because this story is nearly non-existent on the mainstream media.

We want to thank the folks over at the blog whatbidenhasdone.wordpress.com for compiling and publishing this list. It is a truly comprehensive list.

You may want to tuck this list away someplace for those online tiffs that you may encounter.  This is a partial list with no criteria for the cut off. For the whole list please click on the link:

This is a 55 Tweet Thread from our Twitter account, copied over here to have easy access to it all in one place.

  • 1.9T American Rescue Plan
  • $1400 stimulus checks for adults, children, and adult dependents
  • 1 year child tax credit expansion – $3600 0-5, $3000 6-17, removed income reqs and made fully refundable
  • One year EITC expansion
  • $350 billion state and local aid
  • $130 billion for schools for safe reopening
  • $40 billion for higher ed, half of which must go to student aid
  • Extended $300 supplemental UI through September 2021
  • Expanded eligibility for extended UI to cover new categories
  • Made $10,200 in UI from 2020 tax free
  • $1B for Head Start
  • $24B Childcare stabilization fund
  • $15B in low-income childcare grants
  • One Year Child and Dependent Care credit expansion
  • $46.5B in housing assistance, inc:
  • $21.5B rental assistance
  • $10B homeowner relief
  • $5B for Sec 8 vouchers
  • $5B to fight homelessness
  • $5B for utilities assistance
  • Extended Eviction moratorium through Aug 2021 (SC struck down)
  • 2 year ACA tax credit expansion and ending of subsidy cliff – expanded coverage to millions and cut costs for millions more
  • 100% COBRA subsidy through Sept 30th, 2021
  • 6 month special enrollment period from Feb-Aug 2021
  • Required insurers to cover PrEP, an HIV prevention drug, including all clinical visits relating to it
  • Extended open enrollment from 45 to 76 days
  • New year round special enrollment period for low income enrollees
  • Restored Navigator program to assist with ACA sign up
  • Removed separate billing requirement for ACA abortion coverage
  • Eliminated regulation that allows states to privatize their exchanges
  • Eliminated all Medicaid work requirements
  • Permanently removed restriction on access to abortion pills by mail
  • Signed the Accelerating Access to Critical Therapies for ALS Act to fund increased ALS research and expedite access to experimental treatments
  • Rescinded Mexico City Policy (global gag rule) which barred international non-profits from receiving US funding if they provided abortion counseling or referrals
  • Allowed states to extend coverage through Medicaid and CHIP to post-partum women for 1 year (up from 60 days)
  • 42 Lifetime Federal judges confirmed – most in 40 years
  • 13 Circuit Court judges
  • 29 District Court judges
  • Named first openly LBGTQ woman to sit on an appeals court, first Muslim American federal judge, and record number of black women and public defenders
  • $1.2T infrastructure law, including $550B in new funding $
  • 110B for roads and bridges •$66B for passenger and freight rail
  • $39B for public transit, plus $30.5B in public transit funds from ARP
  • $65B for grid expansion to build out grid for clean energy transmission
  • $50B for climate resiliency
  • $21 for environmental remediation, incl. superfund cleanup and capping orphan wells
  • $7.5B for electric buses
  • $7.5B for electric charging stations
  • $55B for water and wastewater, including lead pipe removal
  • $65B for Affordable Broadband
  • $25B for airports, plus $8B from ARP
  • $17B for ports and waterways
  • $1B in reconnecting communities
  • Rejoined the Paris Climate Accords 50% emission reduction goal (2005 levels) by 2030
  • EO instructing all federal agencies to implement climate change prevention measures
  • Ordered 100% carbon free electricity federal procurement by 2030
  • 100% zero emission light vehicle procurement by 2027, all vehicles by 2035
  • Net Zero federal building portfolio by 2045, 50% reduction by 2032
  • Net Zero federal procurement no later than 2050
  • Net zero emissions from federal operations by 2050, 65% reduction by 2030
  • Finalized rule slashing the use of hydrofluorocarbons by 85% by 2036 – will slow temp rise by 0.5°C on it’s own.
  • Set new fuel efficiency standards for cars and light trucks, raising the requirement for 2026 from 43mpg to 55mpg.
  • Protected Tongass National Forest, one of the world’s largest carbon sinks, from development, mining, and logging
  • Revoked Keystone XL permit
  • Used the CRA to reverse the Trump administration Methane rule, restoring stronger Obama era standards.
  • EPA proposed new methane rule stricter than Obama rule, would reduce 41 million tons of methane emissions by 2035
  • Partnered with the EU to create the Global Methane Pledge, which over 100 countries have signed, to reduce methane emissions by 30% by 2030 from 2020 levels
  • US-EU trade deal to reward clean steel and aluminum and penalize dirty production
  • Ended US funding for new coal and fossil fuel projects overseas, and prioritized funding towards clean energy projects
  • G7 partnership for “Build Back Better World” – to fund $100s of billions in climate friendly infrastructure in developing countries
  • Restoring California’s ability to set stricter climate requirements
  • Signed EO on Climate Related Financial Risk that instructs rule making agencies to take climate change related risk into consideration when writing rules and regulations.
  • $100M for environmental justice initiatives
  • $1.1B for Everglades restoration
  • $100M for environmental justice initiatives
  • $1.1B for Everglades restoration
  • 30 GW Offshore Wind Plan, incl:
  • Largest ever offshore wind lease sale in NY and NJ
  • Offshore wind lease sale in California
  • Expedited reviews of Offshore Wind Projects
  • $3B in DOE loans for offshore wind projects
  • $230M in port infrastructure for Offshore wind
  • Solar plan to reduce cost of solar by more than 50% by 2030 including $128M in funding to lower costs and improve performance of solar technology
  • Multi-agency partnership to expedite clean energy projects on federal land
  • Instructed Dept of Energy to strengthen appliance efficiency rules
  • Finalized rule to prevent cheating on efficiency standards
  • Finalized rule to expedite appliance efficiency standards
  • Repealed Federal Architecture EO that made sustainable federal buildings harder to build
  • Reversed size cuts and restored protections to Bears Ears, Grand Staircase-Escalante, and Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monuments
  • Restoring NEPA regulations to take into account climate change and environmental impacts in federal permitting
  • Extended public health emergency through at least April 15, 2022
  • $50B in funding for FEMA for COVID Disaster Relief including vaccine funding

Remember, this is a partial list. Please go here for more




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