Gun Deaths In US Remain High

Just took a check on the gun violence archive website to see if gun violence has been cooled a bit by the pandemic. The answer is not at all.

Only 20 days into the new year and nearly 2300 Americans have been killed by gun violence. We are at 100+ a day. We don’t seem to hear much about gun violence anymore. Media decisions to cover the pandemic, the Manchin-Sinema daily drama and the continuing saga of the former president’s criminal activities plus a possible war in Eastern Europe precipitated by Putin keeps the news services occupied these days.

So the daily, weekly, monthly gun violence goes on in this country like background music at a mall. Who would have ever thought they would live to see the continuing daily deaths of 100+ Americans just accepted as a part of living in the US? 

Are our senses now dulled to death with the pandemic? We now have half of our political leaders working to make harder to mitigate the pandemic and save lives. Has this callousness to death caused us o just out gun violence on a shelf and try to ignore it?

I would never have thought America would become so tone deaf to death that we ignore a major cause of deaths in the US. This seems like a very bad sign for our country.

But, hey, time to get a little action going on the football playoffs, ain’t it?  

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