Sunday Funday: Have You Started Christmas Shopping Yet? Edition


Well now that the Christmas season starts before the trees even turn color AND we are being warned “there will be delays” this year, have you started your shopping yet?

Much of my list is more what I would like for others. Here goes:

  • A nice warm cell for Steve Bannon (and others) where they can contemplate their roles in the treasonous insurrection before they appears before congress.
  • Some common sense for Kim Reynolds who seems to think that pandemics are no big deal
  • The spirit of real democracy for Kristen Sinema and Joe Manchin.
  • A map for Mariannette Miller-Meeks so she can figure out where she is

Nothing much happened last week, but we will include some early Thanksgiving questions:

A) Well, an estimated million of what group got vaccinated this week?

B) Iowa’s Mariannette Miller-Meeks declared that she was against what proposed program that would greatly affect seniors?

C) Speaking of Miller-Meeks, she said she wouldn’t do what before reversing and saying she would later on the day she said she would run in the new first district?

D) In San Diego last Sunday the US Navy christened a ship named for what slain gay civil rights leader?

E) Last weekend at least 8 people were killed during a crowd surge at a concert in Houston, Texas. Who was the performer at that concert?

F) Let’s Party! How long did the first Thanksgiving Day celebration last?

G) From way back in history. On November 14, 1666 what lifesaving procedure was experimentally performed in Britain using two dogs? Typing was still far in the future.

H) What US Olympic gold medal winner was pepper sprayed in a racist attack in Los Angeles because she is Asian?

I) In the trial in the death of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, the defense attorney called out what person saying he didn’t want “any more Black pastors” in court?

J) What namesake of one of the Supreme Court’s worst decisions that declared “separate but equal” is the law of land  is set to be posthumously pardoned in Louisiana?

K) According to a new book by newsman Jonathan Karl, Vice-President Mike Pence hid where while the insurrectionist mob was looking for him to hang him?

L) Texas Senator Ted Cruz picked a fight with what puppet for that puppet’s audacity to promote Covid vaccinations in children?

M) What high ranking American visited France for their Armistice Day events?

N) Deaths in 2020 due to abuse of what substance rose 26% in Iowa, no doubt due to the stresses of the pandemic?

O) “Presidents are not kings, and Plaintiff is not President.” Thus spoke the judge in a case where who is trying to get the National Archives to suppress records?

P) President Biden visited what major US city to push the just signed infrastructure bill?

Q) Speaker Pelosi called for an investigation of what congress member who posted a video of him killing congress member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

R) A teenage girl being abducted in Kentucky used a distress signal from what popular social media site to get help from a passing motorist who summoned help?

S) The stock price soared for the initial public offering of Rivian last week. What does Rivian make?

T) What two major US companies announced they would split into separate companies last week? One will become 3 companies and the other will split into 2 companies.

The pathetic reality is either Kyle Rittenhouse will go to prison for murder or he’ll be the keynote speaker at the 2024 Republican National Convention. – Kaivan Shroff


A) Kids between 5 and 12 

B) Medicare negotiating drug prices. No real good reason except for a “contribution” from big Pharma I would bet.

C) Move from her home in Ottumwa even though it will be outside of the district she wants to represent

D) Harvey Milk

E) Travis Scott

F) 3 days

G) Blood transfusion

H) Sunisa Lee

I) Rev. Al Sharpton (the trial is in open court)

J) Homer Plessy (Plessy v. Ferguson 1896)

K) in the parking garage underneath the US capitol

L) The feathers flew as Cruz called out Big Bird (sorry, I had to do it)

M) VP Kamala Harris

N) alcohol

O) The previous president

P) Baltimore

Q) Paul Gosar of Arizona

R) Tik-toc

S)  Electric cars

T) GE will split into 3 companies and Johnson & Johnson will split into 2 companies

Kayleigh McEnany Tells January 6th Panel She Never Worked at White House. – Andy Borowitz

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