Master List Of Biden’s Achievements 

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Remember how the Former Guy achieved what only Herbert Hoover had achieved before him – losing jobs during his administration.

Holy Smokes – if a Republican president ever achieved a list 1/10th of what Biden has achieved in just his first 10 months we would never hear the end of it. Yet because the media is mostly corporate owned, their mission is to mute achievements of Democrats. Thus we only hear of CRT (which doesn’t really exist except as a dog whistle), inflation and “democratic disarray.” 

So I found this thread over on In this thread poster backpackwayne has been keeping an updated list of the ongoing Biden achievements. Rules do not allow publishing the full list. would like your traffic but I am allowed to post a few things as a teaser.

Just this month alone is amazing – the passage of the infrastructure bill alone was amazing, especially considering the parliamentary style bloc voting that the Republican have imposed on their members. A few had enough courage to vote for the country instead of their party to get this much, much needed bill passed.

(BTW – those Republicans with courage did NOT include Feenstra, MIller-Meeks nor Hinson who apparently prefer to be puppets rather than representatives.)

Along with the infrastructure bill, employment is skyrocketing. Employment numbers are being achieved which were not expected for at least a couple more years. Along with that has come a growth in real wages, something that hasn’t happened in a long time.

Just to remember a couple of milestones that have already been achieved in 10 short months. For example the Biden Administration has gotten nearly 200 million folks vaccinated. Remember also that when Biden’s administration came in, the vaccination program in place by the previous administration was a pathetic joke.

Let is not forget the stimulus payments early in his term that saved a lot of businesses. Add to that the Families with Children payments that have substantially decreased childhood poverty in this country.

Funny we hear almost nothing from the corporate media about these huge successes. Nor, really, do we hear about Republicans coordinated plan to undermine the Biden plan to the detriment of the country.

So here is a bit of that list from reddit. Please go over and take a look. Be warned it is a long (and exciting) list. These are in some chronological order

  • Rejoin the Paris Climate agreement

  • Extend Student Loan payment freeze

  • Extend eviction freeze

Historic stimulus bill passed: 

Cut Obamacare premiums by 40%  

•Passes largest infrastructure improvement bill in history  

He is only just beginning, folks.

Yet the media portrays this obviously successful administration as struggling. Put a Republican in charge of this economy and it would collapse fairly quickly. We have plenty of examples in history.

Want more of this? Vote Democratic next fall, if not for your sake then for the sake of your children and future generations.

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