Sunday Funday: Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? Edition

Today’s big question (3:18)

It is one hour earlier than you think it is.

A tremendous jobs report Friday. Plus revisions to the previous 2 months show that the Biden Administration is doing its job. By the end of today, however, cable news media led by Fox will turn this tremendous news into a liability for Biden.

Trivia: The Biden Administration has produced twice as many jobs in eight months than the last three Republican administrations combined (Bush I, Bush II and Trump).

A) Perhaps the best news of the week was that what group of Americans will be allowed to be vaxxed beginning immediately?

B) Today in history, November 7, 1962, what politician gave what he claimed was his last press conference after losing the race for governor of California saying “You won’t have {me} to kick around anymore”?

C) 15 minutes of fame: Jennifer Ryan of Frisco, Texas proved a bad predictor when her statement “I won’t go to what because I have white skin, blond hair, and a great job with a great future.”?

D) In the Georgia trial of three white men accused of killing a black man who was out jogging, the jury that was selected had what racial composition?

E) We will throw in some trivia about time today. Time is often thought of as the fourth what?

F) To begin the COP26 summit in Glasgow, Scotland, President Biden apologized for what?

G) Good news on the Covid front this week as Pfizer and Merck both announced great trial news for anti-covid medications in the form of a what?

H) Measuring time usually takes place using what two methods? {hint: think more than a day and less than a day}

I) In a major step forward, November 7, 1989, L. Douglas Wilder was elected as the first what?

 J) What celebrity walked away from a $9 million payday when he refused to get vaccinated for a movie he was in?

K) A crowd of QAnon followers gathered in Dallas’ Dealy Plaza Tuesday waiting for what deceased person to return to lead them?

L) In West Liberty, Iowa the city elected a city council that is what?

M) Similarly on Waterloo, Iowa the city elected a council and a mayor that is what?

N) In the John Deere strike a contract was voted on last week. How did the vote turn out?

O) We often hear of the term ‘light year.’ A light year is not a measure of time, but rather a measure of what?

P) Despite claims to the contrary earlier in the year, what NFL star has to take a seat on the bench as he was unvaccinated and contracted Covid-19?

Q) Southwest Airlines is investigating one of their pilots who used what MAGA coded phrase over the planes loud speaker system?

R) Food will most likely get more expensive as a shortage of what agricultural staple is being reported?

S) What 36 year congressman from Iowa died last week at age 101?

T) Next Thursday will mark the 103rd anniversary of the end of what war?

When stupidity is considered patriotic it is unsafe to be intelligent. – Isaac Asimov


A) children ages 5-11. Expect approval for children under 5 to be coming soon!

B) “You won’t have NIXON to kick around anymore.” As usual, he lied.

C) Jail – she was sentenced to 2 months in jail

D) 11 white, 1 black

E) dimension – length, height width and time

F) Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris accords

G) pill. Both when given at onset of symptoms greatly lesses the effects of the virus by interfering in its replication.

H) A calendar and a clock

I) African-American governor when he was elected in Virginia.

J) Ice Cube

K) John F. Kennedy, Jr.

L) Majority Latino. Two new Latinos joined 2 Latino holdovers

M) majority black – the mayor was reelected to his 4th term

N) Rejected by 55% of the union

O) distance – the distance light can travel in a year – about 5.88 trillion miles

P) Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers

Q) “let’s Go Brandon” This phrase is coded for “Fuck Joe Biden” I guess they think we aren’t smart enough to figure it out.

R) fertilizers

S) Neal Smith

T) World War I or as it was known at the time “The War to end All Wars”

Republicans Name Manchin Employee of the Month. – Andy Borowitz

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